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Distant future. Earthlings have stepped far in terms of technology and mastered interplanetary flights. Jake Sally – a former Marine soldier. One of the tasks he was injured and is now confined to a wheelchair. In the future world of almost any disease can be cured, but the meager pension of veteran barely enough to survive. So Jake is spending time in bars getting drunk and arranging fights. In spite of the wheelchair, he remains a fighter, and without regard to any climbs fight. He has a twin brother, who chose a path of a scientist. However, the brother dies suddenly, and Jake offered to take his place in a scientific mission to one of the distant planets. This is the planet Pandora, which is much similar to the Earth. There also exists a varied life. The planet is covered with forests, in which the weight of the beautiful and deadly plants and animals. There is a reasonable local population. Their technology level is far below the level of enlightened earthlings. But they do not live the way people are accustomed. Local residents try not to disturb the balance of life and do not change the planet according to their needs. This world is beautiful, green and environmentally friendly. On Pandora there are vast deposits of rare mineral, which is very expensive and prized earthlings. Therefore, the expedition is actually not so much scientific as industrial character. As often happens, the owners pay for the work of scientists, as it does not interfere with their business. Jake will through a special device to control the avatar body – artificially created hybrid human and planet Aboriginal representative. But the more he learns about life on Pandora, the more doubt on whose side he needs to be in the coming conflict.

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