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Australian Silky Terrier

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Australian Silky Terrier – one of the smallest working dog. It’s used as a shepherd, guard, hunter beast of prey, snakes and rodents, as well as just as a companion. This tireless worker on the farm and sensitive watchdog.
History of breed
Australian Silky Terrier These hounds were bred in the 19th century in Australia. It occurred a few British terriers in particular, Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire terrier, where immigrants were imported to the new continent. The breed is called in different ways: haired terrier, and lomanosherstnym.
It was also changing the appearance of the dog in order to get a small but brave hunter and guard. In Europe, the breed was recognized only in the first half of the 20th century and spread throughout the world is quite slow.
This dog is well-built, stocky, thick, but short stature. Height it does not exceed 26 cm, weight – up to 6.5 kg.
Its exterior is stretched a little, unassuming appearance and rude. A long head with a flat forehead. Ears erect, dark eyes, black nose.
Long straight rough hair covers dog except for the tail and hind limbs of the limbs bottom. At the top you will notice the soft tuft.
Color sand, dark gray, reddish-brown with blue saddlecloth and silver or black with tan on head and legs.
The nature of the Australian Terrier
Despite its small size, this dog is very brave. This hard-working and loyal friend, an assistant for the farm and friendly favorite of the house.
They are energetic and curious, get along with other pets and dogs do not show aggression to cats.
Australian Terrier supportive of the children, but wary of strangers, but without provocation will not behave aggressively. Sensing the stranger they simply start barking, informing the owner about his find. It is best not to leave your dog for a long time one otherwise it will find something that does not suit owners.
Are trained quickly, but lessons should take place diverse, so the dog does not start stubborn boredom. This breed is required to pass a course of obedience and provide early socialization. When training does not make sense to use physical force and cries, the dog loves to encourage and praise.
It’s friendly and funny animals, affectionate and complaisant with the owner, but sometimes quarrelsome with other dogs. They affectionately and guests of owners, demanding attention.
Care and Maintenance
Australian Silky Terrier Australian Silky (snare) terrier tough and straight coat with a soft dense undercoat. Long dog’s coat is quite long and protects the dog from inclement weather. Her need to comb out a few times a week, and every three months is desirable trimingovat. Then the house will not be wool. Optionally, you can cut the hair around the ears and eyes.
Bathe your dog better than a very rare and very mild shampoo. This is a very active dog and room maintenance it needs a serious exercise and long walks, sports practices and games.
Can Australian terrier contain in the territory of a country house, but in this case the area must be well fenced.
These dogs are quite healthy. Their life expectancy is 15 years. Although this breed is prone to certain diseases. For example, it epilepsy, diabetes, dysplasia kneecaps, various kinds of skin disorders, thyroid problems.

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