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Full name of Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn)
Born May 4, 1929
Date of death January 20, 1993 (63 years)
Place of birth Brussels, Belgium
Height 170 cm
Weight 45 kg
Audrey Hepburn: A Biography
The most faithful description of Audrey: “She did not like the food.” The fact that her mother, being a Dutch baroness, was very complete woman. One day she said to her daughter: “Honey, remember, a lady should weigh no more than forty-six pounds. Swear that you will never be as thick as I am! See how much of this problem! “But Audrey always felt unloved and drowned out the anguish that constantly ate chocolate. His mother forbade him to eat, citing the fact that she is fat and that is why it does not like her husband. And if the daughter will eat too much, then it, too, no one will love.
After his parents divorced, Audrey Hepburn lived with her mother in the Netherlands. The war began when she was 11 years old. The house is almost never had a meal, and had to be interrupted so that there eating for a day a couple of potatoes and a few leaves of lettuce. Due to the constant hunger Audrey forced herself to think she hates the food, and under the guise of walks in the woods wore meal downed pilots fascists.
Because of his “walks” Audrey Hepburn once almost got into a round-up: Germans grabbing women on the streets and drove to work in Germany. Girl hiding in some basement infested with rats. In the corner of the bag was found with the famous Dutch tulip bulbs – it turned out that they are quite edible, even raw. His only refuge Audrey left a month later, when the city entered the American troops. And immediately sick – jaundice first, then opened asthma … The correct metabolism since then Hepburn never recovered.
When the war ended, it became clear that life as it was before, will not work. Father in prison, his mother ruined, working as a housekeeper, maid and cook. Audrey Hepburn had to work itself.
The beginning of the way
First, Audrey Hepburn chose to ballet. She practiced it them to exhaustion, until I realized that it was not for her. She starred in commercials, moonlighted as a model thanks to a slim figure, she danced in a respectable club. She saw a French novelist Callets, she suggested that Audrey play in the Broadway musical “Gigi” in the title role.
The first popular film, which became a turning point in the life of a young actress, was a picture of “Roman Holiday”. And the film, and the musical had a huge success. After the “Oscar” Audrey Hepburn came to be called a princess of Hollywood.
The last major film role for Audrey was the angel cameo role in “Always”, which was very symbolic for the actress.
After his last film actress Audrey Hepburn was appointed ambassador of UNICEF. Because she could speak French, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, her work is greatly facilitated. Audrey Hepburn visited many countries for charitable purposes. In 1992, US President George W. Bush awarded the Audrey Hepburn Medal of Freedom in recognition of her work in UNICEF and the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts awarded the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award to them. Jean Hersholt for her help mankind. This prize was awarded posthumously and awarded her son.
During another trip to Somalia, Audrey became ill, she went into a sharp pain in the abdomen, but she silently coped with his illness herself, said nothing to anyone, because I was afraid that the program can be rolled up and she can not help the people of this country. Returning from Africa, she went to the doctor, where it became known that she is terminally ill with cancer, and there is no hope of recovery. Audrey Hepburn died in a small Swiss town tolochenaz.
Audrey Hepburn: height, weight
In fragile Audrey Hepburn growth was equal to 170 cm, weight – 45 kg.
Audrey Hepburn – love life
The greatest love in the life of Audrey was her first husband Mel Ferrer, who was older than her 12 years. When they parted, very Audrey Hepburn suffered and experienced.
Relations with Mel was preceded by a romance with actor Billy Holden, who was married and did not have children, which is so wanted Audrey. Upon learning of the issue of her lover, Audrey Hepburn soon left him and went to treat the nerves in Switzerland. When he returned, she accepted the offer of Mel Ferrer, and soon completely gave herself to him. Audrey’s career went uphill, but have evolved Mel is not so smooth, because he is often irritated and lost his temper. His infuriated that he was out of work, while his wife gets more and more interesting proposals, but thinks more about children than about contracts.
Audrey Hepburn as a loving wife tried to help her husband. She strongly supported him, agreed to shoot only on the condition that claimed her husband. With journalists say anything- who taught her Mel.
This led to the first miscarriage and failure as Andrei Bolkonsky, played by Mel Ferrer in the film adaptation of the novel “War and Peace”. The second pregnancy ended in miscarriage, too: Audrey fell from a horse while shooting in “Unforgiven.” On the basis of all this, Audrey Hepburn again came to the clinic for the Swiss lakes, smoked two packs a day and refused to eat.
Audrey decided that this film takes her kids and completely abandoned the filming. In 1960, at the age of 30 years old she gave birth to a boy Sean.
After the birth of her son a new picture – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “My Fair Lady”, “How to Steal a Million,” “Charade,” “Two for the road” – has always been successful. Then followed three abortion and divorce from her husband.
Audrey Hepburn again left the cinema, decided to devote his life to his son. Going on vacation, she met with Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti, who was already head over heels in love with the actress. A year after the divorce, Audrey Hepburn again married Andrea. February 8, 1970 she gave birth to a second son – Luke.
But marriage to Andrea did not last long. He often changed Audrey, as she tried to close his eyes to all this, but when the press began to appear candid photos, which clearly shows how Dottie changes his famous wife, lost his nerve at Hepburn. In 1982, after the second divorce Audrey again stopped eating.
In 50 years, Audrey found Robert Wolders – the very reliable man, who loved her, no matter what. They began to live together in a small house in Switzerland and Audrey Hepburn continued to appear.

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