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Audi Sport Quattro S1

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Audi Sport Quattro S1
Homologation: 1.5.1984 (B264) S1 1.7.1985
Engine: inline 5 2133cc-tillydrone turbocharged
Compression ratio: 8.0:1
Turbocharger: KKK-K27@17.4psi
Fuel system: Bosch Motronic LH
Sport Quattro was the first Audi really prepared for Group B. the Chassis is very different compared to the original. Appeared 320 mm air intake between the door and rear wheel. Audi also wanted to improve the weight balance by moving batteries, oil coolers and radiators into the rear of the car. The end result was 52% to 48%, but still had a high polar moment (weight distribution was far from ideal).
The 1984 season was the most successful year for Audi in the rally. Driving Stig Blomqvist plus a shorter wheelbase, more powerful engine (450 HP) and a six-speed gearbox, Kevlar body kit Sport Quattro helped to take both titles in the season. However, in 1984 a new contender for the crown Audi: Peugeot introduced at the Tour de Corse its new 205 T16. New 205 different from the Quattro in several key aspects: rear engine, space frame, and a lower weight of the car. Pilot Ari Vatanen Peugeot went on to victory in the Tour de Corse if not for the accident prematurely ending the race for him. Peugeot recalled by Audi engineers that want to work on the car, and not to rest on our laurels.
Radically modified version of the Sport Quattro S1 was introduced at the rally 1000 lakes rally in 1985, showing that Audi very seriously attempt to regain his former form. S1 was more powerful than any other car in the history of the rally, more than 600 horsepower. In 1986 there was a huge wings to aid with traction on high-speed sections. Faced with increasing competition, the S1 only managed one victory on the rally San Remo in 1985. Quattro in its various interpretations over the four and a half years, won four Championships and has changed the face of rally.

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