Atlantic sailfish HD pics

Atlantic sailfish

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Sailboat Fish – Fish Okuneoobraznyh squad. It lives in the tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The dorsal fin is very long, begins with the head and goes almost to the tail. This fin like a sail, which gave the name of the fish.
Apart from the fact that the sail is attached to the fish-sailboat resemblance to the seagoing vessel is very rarely seen, like a fish swimming calmly at the water’s surface, spreading feathers fins that stick out above the water. Fin height is twice the height of the body of the fish, so that kind of sailing a sailboat is really interesting to watch.
Noticed that straightened to watch the sail of a fish can be in those moments when she’s scared or excited. Then, the external size of the fish is tripled.
Just one theory, that sounds convincingly argues that sail from the fish serves as the heat sink, cooling the blood of fish. In fact, in the fin are many small blood vessels. Given that the acceleration of the fish strongly heated her blood, then straightened fins really helps the fish are not “boil”.
Sailboat – one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Its speed can reach 110 km / h. At the time of the chase fish adds a sail that is drawn into the back and does not prevent develop such a high speed.
Another attraction is sailing elongated upper jaw, which gives it a resemblance to marlin. The sport fishing boat to boat, even rank as billfish. Among anglers this trophy is not worse than the black marlin.
We also noticed a sailboat typical of marlins game on the water when the fish jumps high and “goes” on the water on the tail. Caught on a fishing tackle it tries to get rid of the hook high pirouettes and candles. By the force and persistence vyvazhivanie sailfish resembles the hunt for big marlin.
Generally fishing sailing is widespread thanks to the writer Ernest Hemingway, who was fond of catching this fish in Cuba.

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