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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

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To the beautiful concept coupe, Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, built in collaboration with the famous Italian Atelier Zagato, the British decided to produce a limited edition. The circulation will be 99 copies. Deliveries of cars to customers will begin in the first quarter of 2017. The price the company did not name.
Diode “light blades” assembled in two circles, on technique resemble the optics of a Volcano, the shape of the rear wings resonates with the “hips” of the latest model DB11, and mirrors almost exactly mirror those that the coupe One-77.
The interior compartment is trimmed in aniline leather, bronze anodized and carbon fiber with a pattern “herringbone”. In order to emphasize the role of the Bureau Zagato in the draft, the seats and door panels done stitching and embossed in the form of many letters Z.
Non-standard Vanquish coupe is the fifth machine, created in partnership Zagato and Aston began in 1960. Of course, it’s design focused on design. But the technique was changed. Unit V12 6.0 here boosted up to 600 HP, and the suspension retuned. Acceleration from standstill to 60 mph (97 km/h) Vanquish Zagato is 3.5 s. It 0.1 s faster than the regular Vanquish coupe (with motor at 576 HP and 630 N•m).
Dvuhdverka Vanquish Zagato attracted mainly by appearance, but in the video the main emphasis is on the sound of the motor.
The Vanquish coupe Zagato is an example of Aston for special judges. But to the mass public firm is preparing a real “workhorse” — the new coupe Aston Martin Vantage in the bottom row in the brand line. In the exterior and interior, it will imitate DB11, but will be smaller. From DB11 machine borrow and new biturbomotor V12 5.2 (this is a development of Aston). Only the settings will be different, in order to separate the model and fellow DB11 (where, recall, 608 HP and 700 N•m). In any case, the returns should be higher than it is now on the modification of the V12 Vantage S (573 PS, 620 N•m).
The prototype of the Vantage visually resembles early prototypes of the model DB11, but the wheelbase is less here. Camouflaged body parts around the headlights, bumpers and air intakes say that the car will have a number of differences in the exterior.
In addition, younger version of Vantage, as before, will operate eight-cylinder engine. But this time — a four-liter turbocharged engine, prepared for Aston in the Department of Mercedes-AMG. To develop it will be about five hundred forces. For comparison, the current “atmosfernika” 4.7 in stock 426 HP (470 N•m) on the original model and 436 HP (490 N•m) version of the V8 S.
The prototype clearly uses a piece of body parts from DB11, but it is only a disguise. The final version will clearly give to understand that before us is a different model.
We will remind, the car of the current generation produced since 2005, but has been updated many times and continues to evolve. At the moment, the family Vantage is eight models with V8 engines and V12 closed and an open body. The most efficient variation is called Vantage GT12 (600 HP and 625 N•m). There are nine model — 446-strong coupe Vantage GT8, but it’s still not on sale. Both cars GT — limited (to be issued 100 and 150 units). Closed Dogdore Vantage of new generation expected to debut in the fall of 2017, a few months for the coupe will follow the Roadster.

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