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Aston Martin One-77

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For the invisible event horizon stretches empty road – uncompromisingly straight like an arrow. The broad black band shimmers in the desert, breaking into the shifting haze away. Around – plain. Blank and impassive, a flat, a veiled rippling dunes nametennyh sharp wind that smells of dust and antiquity …
Trains on the supercar Aston Martin One-77 can theoretically each. The only catch is that at first it is necessary to buy. A base price of membership in the club of 77 owners – not sickly € 1,5 million After Aston Martin said, as snapped: no journalist close to the One-77.. The machine – only for the owners, exclusive experiences which should not be diluted with writings in the press. And even after all of the One-77 have been sold, Aston Martin still did not allow anyone who does not have a bottomless credit on the black “American Express”, go to the car.
For the Top Gear is – what a red rag to a bull: whet. And after a year of negotiations, the fantastic promises, dubious layouts and disappointments we were on the Arabian peninsula in the company of a man named Abdullah Al-Ketbi, owner of the showroom giperdorogih wheelbarrows Al Ain Class Motors, and white One-77. He bought this car, so we were able to ride on it. Yes, you read that right. A few months ago, Mr. Al-Ketbi said Charlie Turner, he has the One-77, and we can ride on it. And then … I got an offer he could not refuse. Then, so as not to tarnish his honor, he went out and bought another one, especially for pokatushek Top Gear. Al-Ketbi seems very serious about his word.
It is very solid, physically and visually
And I put a rectangle of glass and aluminum (Aston Martin calls it the ECU – Emotional Control Unit, but I do not understand their pathos) into the slot on the front panel, and a moment later I heard the buzzing of fuel pumps. Then – shrill grunts starter, click and metal ryavkane V12. Finally he breathed deeply. At first, she roared loudly, then went on a husky, business-like growl, similar to what makes a racing car engine. And with all that, the sound uncannily soft and close. Exhaust pipe in the threshold from your seat, not the vehicle. I press the R button at the top of the front panel and with extreme caution rent backwards, knowing me closely watching everything, including the owner – Mr. Al-Ketbi.
Rather, it is a monstrous GT, not a hypercar. It is very comfortable
But first – shooting. We have the One-77, and we will write about it, even if the photographer because this will turn into a stew. Fortunately, the most extreme Aston Martin is full of angles and details. The objective was to create a design AM, which push the boundaries of representation of the company brand. Create a car that will be closer to a work of art than to technology. So said the chief designer Marek Reichman. Join the fastest, most extreme and technically fancy Aston! To this fantasy they take this very seriously. Near the One-77 – a bright exotic, but, oddly enough, recognizable. With his swollen nostrils, wasp waist and hips look powerful lively, thoroughbred creature. It is organic.
Inside – again a familiar and unfamiliar Aston. Conventional accents extreme and freer. Elongated proportions and elegant, all metal parts are machined from a single piece. The seats are wide and comfortable, resembling a cobra head with inflated hood. Dark blue with white stitching to match the interior. Doors are finished in carbon, and handles resemble leg-dinosaur robot. And you can spend time just looking at the details and trying to figure out which one is the best pass for a work of abstract art.
Even the insulation on the back of the hood quilted amazingly accurate
The same applies to the chassis. The architecture of the One-77, there are recognizable elements, but had gone into the field prohibitive. The monocoque, for example, could be done on the VH aluminum platform, but it is molded from carbon fiber and built in collaboration with the Canadian Multimatic. Dressed in the aluminum panels, made by hand, causing the body to get an easy, durable and incredibly difficult to repair. Above 7.3-liter atmospheric V12 conjured legendary Cosworth. It produces 750 horses and 750 Nm. Despite the appearance of Ferrari F12, One-77 is the most powerful machine with an atmospheric engine in the world. The basic design of the motor is the same as that on the DBS V12, but 80% of the parts here new. It is 15% lighter, weighs 260 kg. So kinship rather slim. This aspirated power the car is quite enough, because, despite the impressive dimensions, it weighs only 1630 kg. And, indeed, on paper the results are remarkable: from zero to hundred in 3.7 seconds and top speed – in excess of 355 km / h.
Considering the One-77, you see that he is very solid – both physically and visually. The dazzling pearly white coloration bright spot he stands out from the desert, brushing on the hologram. And always notice something new. For example, there is a line extending from the rear end of the car headlights on the waist line. She goes around the stern brackets on top of a single stretched taillights and returned on another side to the second sample. Low, wide, brilliant GT, One-77 is considered the front-mid-engined car. In other words – with the motor in the base. The engine is placed in front of the driver, but it is located behind the front axle center line, 100 mm lower than other Aston, and within the wheelbase. Just you sit behind him.
Suspension – conventional double V-shaped levers with exotic coil springs with rods and racing dampers with slide valves – inside the body. In fact, constructive One-77 as if bulges through the skin: the rear window can be seen the suspension, and front springs and fully adjustable dampers stick in the middle of the engine compartment. Before the motor, which is so beautiful that it can be put in the gallery. However, it’s time behind the wheel.
The first few kilometers I only think that the One-77 is not as heavy as it seems to mean. As a piece of titanium – on the eye weighty, and do not feel the weight. He is lightweight and sharp steering – only three turns lock to lock. Until you get used, it seems that the front wheels damn far. Still feel very good grip of the tires, because you sit close to the rear wheels. On the pavement, covered with a layer of sand, it is very handy. Engine muscular, but at low rpm power it does not hit, and the suspension is surprisingly soft for such a serious machine. Acceleration to a decent speed, and 130 kilometers in the mirror is seen as rudimentary wing rises. And then keep your eyes open.
Aston Martin is not guilty. The roads here straight as an arrow, but the constant stream of cars from the narrow gauge rails and knocked in a softened asphalt track. For machines with tires narrower – not a problem, but the One-77 is shod in 335-mm tires on 20-inch forged wheels (rear and front – 255 mm). And the ruts and the car Kozlov prowl, jerking the steering wheel. In fact, the One-77 is not physically able to go straight anywhere except in the middle of the road. Marking exactly in the center of the hood, between the two pairs of grids. Now good! A sound – oh what a sound! The active bypass valves alter the flow of the gases in the exhaust pipes at about 4000 rev / min, and the roar of a solid V12 becomes shrill piercing screeching at full strength. Net note! Anyone would say that this is the sound supercars. As long as you push on the gas, the pulse quickens with each thousandth of a second. The car accelerates uncontrollably, even at high speed to press back in the seat, there is almost no breaks. With a howl from the setting sun flying white One-77, bathed in the orange rays, similar to amber spark from a burning fire on the horizon. It’s not just a car. Especially not here and not now.
When he was got, it woke me 12 years
Of course, behind all this will be followed by a “but”, and very weighty. Soon I begin to understand why the AM did not want the journalists went to the One-77. A six-speed robotised mechanics (in comparison with the best in this segment) – to hell. I’m sorry to say this, but the Select Shift Manual in a mid-posterior arrangement and his brother Auto Shift out of place on a machine with such a price, and the claim for advanced technology. This box is taken from the DB9 usual, where it paddles with their ears, and even with the propeller shaft tube of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber cardan in addition it is not worthy of the rest of the One-77. Just three or four discreet turn in three steps car flashing lamp – overheated clutch. And much tearing switching, especially at the bottom. Compared to what we are accustomed to, it lacks the finesse and subtlety of control.
You can drive carefully – then nothing will feel. It helps relieve gas and timely calculate jerking moment of the ear, but at a low speed box works very badly. Of course, we can say that we got a copy of a chudinkoy, but no. I recognize inappropriate behavior the Aston, and, unfortunately, the last time I’ve seen on the Vanquish with the first shift paddles. In the first versions of the car grip was changed every six and a half thousand kilometers …
Power comes a long smooth wave
Too bad, because the rest of the One-77 is exceptionally good. Not enough thrust, but as the outside about 50 ° C, I think the car is simply not enough oxygen – in fact this car refused readily available power boost. And he takes are not so sharp as I thought. But he gives a long smooth wave energy, rather than a sudden collapse as in a car with turbo. A sound deserves a separate discussion. I enthusiastically plunge into the sound of the engine. Mr. Al-Ketbi surprisingly strong nerves: it simply allows us to go to his car in the desert, and the desert – a great stage for the V12. In fact I was so absorbed Zen Buddhist serenity of the landscape that I almost frightened to discover that has not passed a single rotation. And nothing else has to think can not. Oops.
We must remember that the One-77 is made to order, and the suspension is adjusted unique. If so you are forked, you can order right or left wheel and suspension to your taste – from a cruiser to a fighter. Our car number 10 – soothing and gentle, so I want to know what he is cornering. That’s only for the foreseeable future – some crossroads or the arc of a kilometer in length. In the desert there are no natural obstacles that need to get, and planners acted without fancy, but practical.
Fortunately, contact Al Ketbi, for which there is little impossible. And soon I see before me a half kilometer svezhepolozhennogo asphalt and chain of excellent turns. The second and third gear, and the box can be forgotten: the elder Aston alive. But this is not quite what I was expecting, because it goes One-77 is not a mid-engined car, capable of a speed. He is much calmer and not so sharp, it is easier to understand, he says clearly. But when you walk into a corner and you push the gas behaves collected and tough. Brakes huge carbon-ceramic, powerful, informative, clean speed quickly and without drama.
Pereberesh with the course and the nose starts easily, almost gracefully away outside. A fool – for example, throw gas in the middle of a bend – and the One-77 will meet and just shrink, while the traditional mid-engined car, at least, a warning Vilnet. And, of course, davanuv gas to turn off when traction control, it is possible to disrupt the car into a skid – but to be honest, I did it only once and was so frightened that once included traction control, and made a break. In spite of the good-natured look, it’s still a 750-horsepower RWD hypercar.
whether it is worth their money? For me – no. Not the machine, at least. Monocoque carbon fiber to be useful in the following generations AM. They will become easier and more economical, and on limited edition you can practice in the design – it’s not a massive car. But the box is such an important, integral part of the experience, just driving me crazy. In addition, the One-77 will not stand if to drive it the way I want. Moreover, it infuriated me dergotnya in heavy traffic – worse place you will not find for him. But I think that the meaning of the One-77 is not the only problem. Because perfection is not only expressed in tenths of a second. More importantly, every time I approached him, I spiral breath. This is not the ultimate weapon for the track, but it is an expression of what tends to be the Aston. Drama, art, daring. History of the One-77 – a journey, not a destination. And I’m glad I was at least part of the way with him.

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