Assassin's Creed: Syndicate High

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

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By tradition, the fall of the next Assassin’s Creed. Many fans of the series have long started to get tired of it, and after a disastrous Unity, which is not cursed just lazy, Ubisoft is clearly flustered, and as a result of “the Syndicate” looks like a game as an apology. There are no game breaking bugs and the framerate never dipped in all the passage. A lot of things, including multiplayer, got under the knife, and now there is nothing stopping to enjoy the single campaign.
The main plot is straightforward and will not surprise you with unexpected turns: a London ruled by a rich evil Templar, controlling the whole economy of the city and instilled fear in local residents using street gangs “Gallows”. To withstand such a harsh villain to the twin assassins Jacob and Evie fry. The characters and the relationship between the characters built great: Jacob – the guy with one single purpose: to squeal on the head and all the bad guys. Immediately on his arrival in London he creates his own street gang “Rooks” and goes to deal with the “Gallows” on the fists. Evie is engaged in the search of another artifact of the Forerunners, only interrupted by dealing with the consequences of short-sighted adventures of a brother.
Despite the constant exchange of barbs, brother and sister love each other. Together they admire the inventions of Alexander Graham bell, half-heartedly listen to the words of Karl Marx about the working class, having fun in the club by Charles Dickens. And the main star of the show is London itself. The majestic Westminster Abbey, huge stations, slowly floating down the Thames barges filled with mud of the slums, Camtasia sky pipe factories…
Getting around the city is a pleasure. This is mainly the merit of the harpoon, which you can use a second climbing on the building of any height and fly from roof to roof, feeling the British spider-man. The game turns into a real Grand Theft Coach. Any carts you can throw the unfortunate driver and to get behind the reins on the minimap when this happens, the most natural GPS showing the path to the destination. And Yes, coaches are able to drift on turns and in reverse.
Liberate London from the influence of “Gallows” – the problem is purely optional. The city is divided into districts, each of which will perform a standard mission type “strip territory from enemies – kill the Templar – free children from bonded labour in the factory”. After completing all of the tasks opens the battle in the style of the movie “gangs of new York”: “the Gallows” and “Rooks” go wall to wall, brandishing a knife and brass knuckles. Kill the enemies, and your district. By the way, I wonder what is in the enemy gang women no less than men (but ladies among police officers is not observed).
Story missions also deserve special praise. Tasks to eliminate the most powerful of the knights Templar always held in the vast territories just infested with enemies, and offer many interesting scenarios. Of course, you can always try to run into the crowd of enemies, trying to kill everyone and quickly get to the villain, but much more fun to act like a stealthy assassin. Put some poison in the drink to the waitress and enjoy the sight as the bandits go crazy and start attacking each other. Pretend to be a captive and walk past the unsuspecting guards directly to the office of the villain. Unfortunately, the final battle is frankly disappointing. The last boss is practically no resists and is killed in under a minute.
The combat system is long overdue for retirement. Unicellular boevka not much evolved since the first part: hitting the attack button, occasionally fending off lazy strikes opponents. With hidden movement the situation is much better. Ubisoft Quebec, apparently, has adopted the experience of colleagues from Toronto, who worked on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and now, eight years later, with the appearance of the series, the game has a good working stealth. The heroes finally learned how to sneak, the opportunity to whistle, attracting the attention, on the spot where the character disappeared from the eyes of the enemies, there is a translucent silhouette, showing where you will be looking for. Everything in Splinter Cell, and it is wonderful.
Another thing is that opponents are still deprived of hearing and peripheral vision, as well as quite quietly and without fuss react to the corpses of their comrades. However, the game in General is straightforward, provided that your players assassins pumped and equipped accordingly. Each member of the gang or the police now have the level identified by the number above his head. Met with an opponent superior to you on two levels? To win, you will have to screw pyatidesyatimetrovoy combos, swallowing the medicine after each missed attack. The enemy is two levels weaker? His punches only scratch you ego. Lack of experience will not: he generously handed out for story missions, and also a great many optional tasks – from fisticuffs in the ring to train robbery.
“Syndicate” – still another Assassin’s Creed, but, perhaps, this is the best game of the series since the second part. It is the undoubted quality and exciting. It won’t offer nothing really new and amazing, but will give many hours of pleasure.

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