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They say that the children of talented people nature rests, but the daughter of the famous Italian Director Dario Argento, on the contrary, very tried
Italian actress, Director and successful writer Asia Argento was born in 1975, and in its early summer in 1995 he became the laureate of the award”, Fantasporto”, and in 1993 and 1997, twice became the winner of “David di Donatello”.
Full name Asia Argento Asia Aria Anna Maria Vittoria rose Argento, or brief AZ – the so-called actress home and close friends. Such an unusual name for an Italian girl came up with her extravagant parents. The official city hall even refused to register the newborn, citing the fact that such a name just does not exist. By the way, the parents even wanted to call her a little in Russian- Asay, and is the name in Italian sounds like Asia. Such an unusual name was coined after the sister of Marina Tsvetaeva, writer Anastasia Tsvetaeva. And then the young parents had to quickly “invent” a new name, Aria, which was recorded in the metric.
As you know, the girl managed to be born in a very strange and unusual for an Italian-Catholic mores family: her parents were never officially married. Dad Asia, Dario Argento, infamous Italian Director working in the horror genre and made many great thrillers, the founder of a new genre of Italian “Giallo, mother – actress Daria Nikolodi, which Dario had removed almost all of his films. Asia also had two half sisters: the eldest, Fiora, was first an actress, then “retrained” in the designers shoes, and the second sister, Anne, died. As admitted in an interview Asia: “Parents are not very involved in me. But it was a good thing: I like being alone. I don’t suffer from a lack of love, just when my friends spent the weekend with moms and dads somewhere in the zoo, I was shaking in fear somewhere in the depths of the apartment, left home one”. Because of the constant employment of father and mother on the set of a little girl are often given to pensions. Probably because of the constant fear, the actress then gladly started making paintings of his own father Dario Argento. I must say that its the best and most famous Giallo Director made it with Asia in the lead role. In General, as the critics laugh, he loved to shoot in his films of close relatives: first wife, then daughter. Fortunately, kinship did not spoil his pictures, but instead only added a certain zest to it.
And as a child, to Asia could quickly join the cinema and high art, in the opinion of the Pope, Argento-senior felt it necessary to give the opportunity for daughters to watch any movies. Quite any. Asia remembers, when she was only 6 years old, Dario showed her his film, which was a real shock. And all because he clearly and firmly demonstrated sexual violence. By the way, this picture in Italy was heavily censored. Here is such a advanced dad brought his girl…
Moreover, Dario have done many strange things for a parent: generally, in Italy the attitude of society to the family of the Director has always been ambiguous. For example, in 1985, when Asia was just 10 years old, the newspaper fanned a scandal, the consequences of which could affect the girl. Her mother and father smoked hashish to absolutely deranged state, the police forcibly pulled from their homes and taken to the station. All these manipulations took place in front of the little Asia. And the sad fact that after this incident, the merciless tabloids began to write that she is “a victim of abortion Dario Argento”. The poor girl could live my life “under the stigma of” immorality, and, accordingly, she was also waiting for something like this. “They wanted to see me the devil’s spawn. I was not a devil, I was a naive kid… But, maybe because of this I became an actress,” he then told about his difficult childhood Argento. I must say that the actress Asia has become, and thankfully, her talent, no one doubts… even from the same tabloid, which at the time was trying to make her ruined doll.
And yet from childhood, Asia strived to show themselves and their abilities to the audience of the actress: played in school plays, performed in support groups, learned to dance and play the piano. And, of course, Asia early start to act. In school learning was difficult, mostly due to the fact that the girl had a lot to do. But classmates loved Asia: she brought them home and showed them these movies, they wouldn’t be allowed to see their parents!
After school, Argento took many pictures, including my father. First picture of the “Phenomenon” did not bring Italy’s huge box office, but about Asia began to speak as about one of the best young talented Italian Actresses. But as a serious actress Asia have declared themselves in the film Michele Placido “Heart friends”, which he directed in 1992. Immediately after this work on Asia, the critic spoke of the fact that she is a “typical actress,” with strong temperament and an open, flashy style of play. With this role, it is customary to start the countdown of her career in a big cinema
Now, after a few dozen roles, the critic writes that she’s damn talented, this Argento. Why is her reputation as a spoiled girl? In each of her roles the audience believe even the sweep of her lashes and trembling lips. Now she is already an Actress…

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