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Aristocratic features and slightly haughty kind of actress Ashley Judd, who became her calling card, only attract more attention to it every year. Talented and unpredictable, she continues to subjugate millions. What is lurking behind this cold exterior?
46-year-old actress Ashley Judd was born in California in April 1969. She is a direct descendant of the first settlers who crossed the border of America in the XVII century. Her mother – country singer, serving in a duet with her older daughter Winona. When baby Ashley was 4 years old, her parents’ marriage broke up, and they moved to Kentucky.
Often changing the place of residence, Ashley Judd could not make friends so all of her childhood was spent in solitude. Her mother in search of a better life often moved from one place to another, and together with her and her two daughters. That all changed when Ashley turned 14. The mother and her sister became quite famous duo, their financial condition has improved significantly and the family finally found peace.
The thought of becoming an actress came up with Ashley unexpectedly. sabbatical and went to Loss Angeles In 1990, she takes in the university. Get a job in a restaurant «The Ivy» at half-time, Ashley Judd stormed various auditions and tests. She goes to acting class in «Playhouse West» school and continues its attempts to attract attention to himself.
For her persistence and perseverance, luck smiled at her and Judd got a cameo role in the TV show “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Ashley liked teleprodyusseram and she was invited to take part in the TV show “The Sisters,” where she starred for 3 years (1991-1994).
Its popularity as a young actress began to grow. Ashley began to appear more frequently in various film projects. Ashley Judd can be seen in such motion pictures as “Ruby in Paradise”, “Smoke”, “Fight”, “A Time to Kill,” “The locusts,” “Kiss the Girls,” “miscalculation”, “High Crimes,” and so on. d. This work played an important role in the formation of Ashley Judd as first-rate actress.
The first major role of Ashley Judd came with the beginning of 2007. It became the main character of the drama called “Helen”. But the film has been criticized and barely paid off at the box office.
– For me, this role has become special. I played as felt, and I think what happened is quite harmoniously. As for the reviews, the film “Helen” can not be called a work to the public. It is a subtle, psychological drama, thought-provoking, to reflect and include logic. I am absolutely not surprised that this reel of film has passed the mainstream wave. Still, she found its audience and charmed.
In 2012, ABC channel Ashley Judd gave a major role in the TV drama “Lost.” This television series has riveted the attention of an audience of millions around the world. The experience and passion that Ashley Judd referred to the “disappeared” there can be no comparison. Movies with Ashley Judd began to enjoy success among several generations.
One of the most successful and memorable roles Ashley Judd, was the role of Lorraine Nelson in the film “The history of the dolphin.” In this film, Ashley, for the umpteenth time, divides the set with a legend of American cinema, Morgan Freeman. This film is based on true events and set up perfectly for all ages. The sad story of a dolphin, lost its tail in fishing nets, with a happy happy ending. In this movie, Ashley tries to help his son overcome teenage depression. What led her efforts? All of this can be seen in the “History of a dolphin.”
2014 brought us several religious paintings from the participating Ashley Judd. Film “Divergent” and “Dolphin Tale 2” became the most long-awaited premiere of the year. And then Ashley surpassed herself. Critics praised her playing, showering a multitude of positive comments.
– I love nature. To act in the two parts of the “History of the dolphin” – a pleasure. It’s an incredible feeling. Of course, the second part of the more tragic because a happy ending life does not end. This film reveals the relationship between humans and wildlife. I realized that the less civilization around, the better. It is best not only for nature but also for us … I even left Los Angeles and moved to Tennessee. I realized that life among the skyscrapers and lights is not for me. I’m more impressed with the starry sky and the thick green grass under bare feet. Now I have a lot of walking on foot, enjoying the fresh air and continue to live. If you think about it in the city people just exist. They do not live, because they are limited. Even with close people communicate through the Internet, it is at least silly. I do not want to live this way. I can not be limited, as in the future it could become a huge problem.
In contrast to his personal life, Ashley Judd can chat for hours about nature, about his little dog and a healthy food. Topic recently divorced actress is trying to get round. In 2001, she became the lawful wife of Dario Franchitti, the famous racer. He was much younger than her 10 years, but the love of the age is not a hindrance. After 12 years, the couple broke up. Officially divorce Ashley announced in 2013.
– A couple in which the two creative people came together, can not live in peace. In this I was convinced in my own skin … Our relationship is like a typhoon. It was interesting and good, but the good tends to end …
Today Ashley Judd continues to play. It appears again and again on the big screen, as if time stood still around …

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