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Born December 17, 1930 in Tilsit, East Prussia
(Now – Sovetsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia).
Family Mueller-Stahl – came from St. Petersburg, where they took before the First World grandfather – a Baltic German. In 1934 he moved to Berlin.
Armin Mueller-Stahl graduated from the Berlin Conservatory violin. I am trying to look like a painter. But the theater wins Armin graduated from acting class and in 1955 he made his debut at the Berlin Volksbühne theater, then on stage Berliner Ensemble am Schiffbauerdamm.
The film first appeared in 1955 in the movie “The Secret Marriage” (dir. G. von Vangenhayn).
Best Actor Mueller-Stahl in the film studio “DEFA” began Frank Bayer role in the film “Five bullet casings” (1960) and “Naked Among Wolves” (1963) by Bruno Apitz book “The wolf’s mouth”, where A. Mueller-Stahl Andre played the main character Hefele. I remember the audience and the films “Jakob the Liar” and “Invisible visor” (State Prize of the German Democratic Republic for the role).
In 1976, Mueller-Stahl signed a letter in support of the German singer Wolf Biermann and never received any invitations to the movies and had no role in the new theater.
In 1980 he emigrated to West Berlin, where he starred in the TV series “Hospital in Shvartsvade”.
Armin Mueller-Stahl played his most significant roles in the 80s: “Confusion Veronika Voss” Rainer Werner Fassbinder,
“Chronicle of accidents of love” by Andrzej Wajda, “Colonel Rödl” Istvan Szabo, “Music Box” Costa-Gavras.
Since 1988 – in Hollywood.
The role of the Mueller-Stahl in the film B. Levinson’s “Avalon” was nominated for “Oscar”. The actor starred in American cinema quite successfully ( “The Peacemaker,” “12 Angry Men,” “Mission to Mars”, “Crusaders” and others.) Psychological colors are saturated role of a taxi driver in the film of Jim Jarmusch’s “Night of the world”, a German general in the film A. Buravsky “Leningrad”.

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