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Arianny Celeste

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Name: Arianny Celeste
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Parameters: 86-63-83
Those who cherish Arianny Celeste photo of her charms are easy to find in the pages of the most popular men’s magazines in the world on the Internet. The combination of strength and fragility – the formula for the extraordinary popularity that led to yourself beautiful, athlete, model and just a good girl. Each new day brings her not only the joy of life, but also waiting for new victories and achievements.
Hot sun of Las Vegas, which was born in a popular beauty kindled a real fire in its veins, so no wonder she regularly receives the status of the hottest girls UFC. And, I must say, the star does not disappoint the fans.
No one is hiding Arianny Celeste weight, height and other parameters. On closer inspection, even it turns out that the girl is with great pride their shows. Bright appearance is explained by mixing Mexican and Filipino blood, which is connected in the model. clothes minimum and maximum flavor, complete with natural charm made the young model is a real star.
When in Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a tiny baby, the parents could not even guess about what kind of career she chooses for himself in 1985. They tried to give her daughter a good future, so put a lot of effort, the girl received a good education. So, no matter how unique was not Arianny Celeste began her biography is quite prosaic.
Classical secondary education girl got in Palo Verde, and then went to college at the University of Nevada sun. There she got the manager or instructor specialized in fitness and nutrition. Study was given to her well, but even then it was clear that further in this direction does not make sense to go.
With 13 years she begins to work as a model. And when Arianny Celeste photo which has become increasingly popular, made its debut at the Hard Rock Hotel, her career got a concrete shape. From this point on she starts to work actively with glossy magazines and advertising companies, do not hesitate to indulge in the arms, which awarded its nature.
Natural sexuality and sportiness were seen related publications, so the girls are changed work popular men’s magazine FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and of course, Playboy. The title of “Lady Day”, produced in 2010 by Sports Illustrated was the official recognition of its popularity.
However, this woman has achieved fame when she became one of the most popular ring-girls. Cooperation with the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) set the general direction the development of her career. In fact, the work of the model is to appear in between the ring with a sign bearing the number of the next round.
It would seem that could be easier? However, as acknowledged in an interview with Arianny Celeste photo, which she gracefully defile with a sign at the ready – this is the result of many months of difficult work. It is much more difficult than to walk down the runway or to play in a TV commercial.
However, apparently, months of training were not in vain, because in 2009 Arianna was “Ring-Woman of the Year”. So UFC fans will get to sites further enjoy watching the hot beauty.
Arianna actually attracts the struggle in all its forms. Perhaps that is why it periodically tries to win a place under the sun in a new industry. Despite enormous popularity, she simultaneously tries his hand in music and cinema. Even her debut single is called “Fight to love me.”
New Horizons
However, not all is rosy in this world. That is why my first pancake model Arianny Celeste in the musical field baked lumpy. Only subsided passion about the publication of the video light to the first song of the beginning singer is immediately flashed scandal involving plagiarism. The video was removed from the rotation as soon as picky audiophiles caught the resemblance between her and the song “Remedy” by British singer Victoria Hesketh. However, he quit music career she has no intention, because it is one of the largest of its interests.
Nevertheless, the still photo Arianny Celeste Star, which is eager to get the men’s magazines. But this was not enough for her, so it appears more and more attractive face on blue screens. Indeed, to date, Celeste aspiring actress, and maybe this experience will be more successful. Although, as skeptics say, the glory of UFC Octagon girl she is unlikely to surpass.
Small and big joy
Today Arianna lives in Los Angeles, what he likes and working without dropping hands. How to recognize it in numerous interviews, the work brings her pleasure and, no less importantly, family and friends support her. Among the advantages of the profession model is called the opportunity to travel a lot, because the UFC tournaments are held in different countries.
Of course, life style-girl ring assumes a constant presence in the world of sports. However, Arianny Celeste career growth explains the fact that this medium is close to her in spirit. She devotes a lot of time to physical exercises, for example, at least five times a week comes to the gym. For girls who go to get a fabulous figure, Arianna is always ready to give professional advice. First of all – it is systematic. In three sessions, and even a week can not be achieved excellent results. Diets and exercise – it’s a long and hard work on himself.
Of course, such an appearance attracted a lot of attention, but the heart of Ariana has not yet been taken. And despite the fact that the concentration of the brave and handsome men around her every day just rolls over. Nevertheless, the popular model Arianny Celeste sticks to romantic views on relationships and looking for the ideal candidate who will win her heart.

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