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2018, Australia, USA

A little boy, Arthur Currie, has a remarkable dexterity and swims incredibly fast. It amazes everyone around with its ability to communicate with marine life and freely breathe underwater. And soon Arthur learns from his dying mother, Atlanta, that she is the Queen of Atalantis in exile, and he is the future King of the Seven Oceans. Thus, the hero of the fantastic action movie, Aquamen, is born.

Those who want to watch online Aquamen probably immediately recognize in the main character of the comic book character. The superhero Aquaman, created by DC Comics, has come a long way to the film. He first appeared in November 1941. The son of the caretaker of the lighthouse of Tom Curry and the Queen of Atlantis, he is endowed with a number of superpowers since birth. His body changed under the influence of strong pressure of ocean depths. Due to this, he became superhumanly strong and hardy (can raise over 100 tons). In addition, Aquamen has telepathic abilities and longevity.

However, despite all these abilities, Aquamen initially was not very popular. During the Golden and Silver Age of the comic books, he was considered an insignificant, secondary character and even derided for “limited”, narrow-minded forces. The situation did not save the inclusion in the list of animated Super-Friends and the cartoon Justice League (as a secondary character). To Aquamen changed and became more powerful and harsh hero, able to charm spectators with his gloomy fury, it took the director’s genius James Vann, famous for the films Pyla and The Curse of Anabel.

Filming of the film was planned since 2004, but the initial idea fell through. Re-announced the project in April 2015, and the film soon became one of the most anticipated. Now a lot of pictures tell the viewer about threats from outer space and otherworldly worlds. The ocean remains unexplored, mysterious, and therefore especially attractive. The film Aquamen is expected on screens in 2018.

The plot of the picture is not yet known. Probably, he will repeat the comics in many respects, and the boy Arthur will have to realize himself as the ruler of the seas and win the throne. And his father, inherited from the mother of power and, of course, charisma will help him in this. The main role in the film was given to Jason Momoa, a handsome actor from Konon Varvara and the Game of Thrones. In a suit of fish scales and with a formidable trident (a symbol of power in his hands), the actor looks amazing already on the poster of the film. This will convince all viewers who will watch online as Aquaman.

Cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Hurd, Willem Defoe, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Temuera Morrison, Ludy Lin, Michael Beach, Graham McTavish

Director: James Van

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