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Anya Taylor-Joy: Biography
Anya Taylor-Joy is an Argentine, British and American actress and model who gained international recognition after working in the horror film The Witch and the thriller Morgan.

Anya was born on April 16, 1996 in Florida, more precisely, in the city of Miami, but her parents did not have American citizenship. Her mother is a Spaniard who grew up in the UK, a successful designer and photographer, and her father is half-Scotch, half-Argentinian, was engaged in water-motor sports. The girl became the youngest daughter in the family: Ani has five brothers and sisters. Since his father could not permanently leave Argentina, Anya occasionally lived in the United Kingdom, then in South America.

As a child, Taylor-Joy was fond of dancing and at a serious level she studied at a ballet school. But frequent travels between countries did not allow Ana to achieve true professionalism as a ballet dancer, but she was realized as a model. While still in high school, the girl began to participate in photo shoots and presented on the covers of glossy magazines, calendars and posters world-famous products. Until now, the model photos of the actress appear on her page in Instagram.

And in 2014, Taylor-Joy decided to switch to the movie. However, the girl was not sure for a long time what career she wanted to build, but in the end, the set became a home for Anya. Such work gives her pleasure, Anya considers it quite reasonable to continue to accumulate such an experience.

In 2014, Anya Taylor-Joy appeared in an episode of the youth fantasy film “Academy of Vampires”, although her name was not even included in the credits. But the girl liked the friendly atmosphere that reigned on the set, where young artists Zoya Deutsch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Kurylenko also worked.

After that, the aspiring actress took part in the filming of a number of television series. Anya appeared in the detective story “Endeavor” (“Young Mors”), where it was about finding the killer of a young girl. The main role in the series went to Shawn Evans.

Soon followed the premiere of the action-packed action movie “Viking Adventures”, where Taylor-Joy reincarnated as a heroine named Mani. The plot of the film moved the viewer to the far VII century in Scandinavia, during the existence of powerful Viking clans. The protagonist Eric (Harry Smith) goes in search of a princess stolen by a snake. A young warrior on the way is waiting for many obstacles and obstacles, but the march ends in success.

No less attractive for the creative biography of the actress was the fantastic series “Atlantis”. Among the main characters of the epic drama were the ancient gods and heroes – Jason, Pythagoras, Oracle, Hercules, Medusa, Ariadne. Anya Taylor-Joy performed the role of the prophetess of Cassandra.

International success Anya brought the main role of the girl Tomasin in the historical horror film “The Witch”. The actress reincarnated as the eldest daughter of Puritan parents, whose family is being expelled from the Christian community. Together with their children, William and Katerina (Ralph Aineson and Kate Dickey) settle down near the forest. During one walk the younger child disappears, and soon the witch kidnaps the middle son. The mother accuses Tomasin of witchcraft, and as a result of the struggle the girl kills her, after which she really turns into a witch. The first screening of the film took place at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015.

Immediately after this breakthrough in the career of Taylor-Joy, she was again invited to perform the image of a key character in the fantastic thriller “Morgan”. Events are developing in the bioengineering laboratory, where work is underway to create a robot Morgan. Check the operation of the machine at the scene arrives specialist Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), which also turns out to be a biorobot. Hybrid Morgan begins to attack people, but Lee intercepts her and destroys.

It is curious that both of these works, which made the actress famous all over the world, became debut for filmmakers – Robert Eggers and Luke Scott.

Action tapes, thrillers and horror films become the basis of the filmography of the actress. In the soul-cooling genre, her next films Barry and Split are shot. In the second film, the actress becomes the partner of James McEvoy, who plays a killer psychopath with multiple personality disorders.

Despite the fact that Anya has just started a film career, the filming schedule has already been scheduled for several years ahead. I did not have time to leave on the table for editing the finished material of the thriller “Purebred”, as Taylor-Joy had already begun to work on the movie “Resident of the Shadows”. In the second picture we are talking about an abandoned house, where a family lives in solitude with strange customs.

Personal life
About the romantic adventures of the young actress from America, Argentina and the UK is not known. Probably, the girl at this stage does not see the need to build a serious relationship with the opposite sex. And, perhaps, Anya just has not yet met a man with whom she could fall in love enough to push her favorite work into the background.

The only time Anya mentioned in an interview about a man was when she called the actor Allen Leech (“Downton Abbey”) as her guardian angel. Allen first noticed the unusual beauty of the girl and introduced Anya to the agent. But relations between young people were purely friendly. In 2018, Leach announced an engagement with colleague Jessica Blair Herman, with whom he had been dating for two years.

Anya Taylor-Joy is now
Many tabloids actress called the star of the future. Yesterday’s debutant is now becoming the sought-after female lead in box office fantastic blockbusters.

In 2017, in the film career of the actress, two significant events occurred. The girl received two nominations – the BAFTA Award as the Rising Star and the London Film Critics Circle Award as the best British young performer of the year.

For 2018, filming in new projects is announced. In the superhero horror “New Mutants,” Anya will have to reincarnate as a Siberian Uliana Rasputin (Magic), which has supernormal abilities. Together with four other mutants, the girl finds herself in a secret military facility, from where she tries to escape.

Another expected premiere with the participation of the actress in the lead role was the thriller “Glass”, the continuation of the films “Split” and “Invulnerable.” The actress will again appear in the familiar role of Casey. The film also will play Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. Among the signed contracts is participation in the remake of “Nosferatu” in 1922 and in the British melodrama “Sharp Turn”.

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