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Year: 2018
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Directed by Peyton Reed
Cast: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, TI, David Dastmalchyan, Michael Peña

Scott Lang with enviable regularity violates the laws. He always manages to avoid responsibility for illegal actions. Once, turning the next case, the unruly swindler lost his sense of caution. Blinded by his impunity, he ceased to prepare robberies with special care, to study meticulously the situation in the premises, in which he planned to make his way for his own gain. Unreasonable self-confidence and arrogance played a cruel joke on the robber. He was trapped in a trap during one of the robberies. The guy did not know that the owner of the luxurious mansion is a famous professor who studies unusual phenomena and properties of living organisms. His inventions helped to reliably protect the house from intruders and catch a thief in the act. The unhappy man resisted for a long time, but realized that for the first time in his life he had screwed up. You can watch online Man-ant 2 part in good quality for free without registration.

The scientist offered the uninvited attacker two alternative ways out of the current unpleasant situation. Hank Pina will immediately call law enforcement agencies and give them a fugitive. The unlucky thief will be arrested and sent for several long years to places of detention, where he will spend his best years. But there is another suggestion. Scott will escape deserved imprisonment behind bars if he agrees to cooperate with a minister of science and will perform some simple tasks. This issue they decide individually without the presence of guards. After a little thought, Lang chooses to work on Hank. The first task was an inconspicuous penetration into the territory of the company, from which the strange scientist was fired. Operation was successfully completed. Soon there is a need to get down to business again. But the young man alone can not cope, the niece of the new employer comes to his aid.

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