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Birthday: 20.12.1957 year
Citizenship: Cyprus
Glory Anne Vissi brought victory Song Festival of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Song Festival) in 1978; first place Anna received, performing the song ‘As Kanoume Apopse Mian Arhi’.
Anna was born in Cyprus (Cyprus), and for a time she studied music at the local Conservatory, then went to a professional level. Debuted, Vissi in Athens, Greece (Athens, Greece), in 1973; she worked on contract with ‘Minos’ and together with a group of various artists. In parallel with the music, Anna continued her studies at the University of Athens (University of Athens).
Glory Anne Vissi brought victory Song Festival of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Song Festival) in 1978; first place Anna received, performing the song ‘As Kanoume Apopse Mian Arhi’. Soon, the world saw the debut album of Anna – also named ‘As Kanoume Apopse Mian Arhi’.
With 80 Anna Vissi worked almost exclusively with lyricist Nikos Karvelas (Nikos Karvelas); trade Union soon grew into something more – in 1983, Anna and Nikos were married. Lived together, Vissi and Karvelas 9 years; during this time they had a child together and a shared record label. Soon after the creation of the label ‘CarVi’ started having problems the legal sense with ‘EMI Greece’; later, Anna and Nikos had to move under the wing to the ‘CBS Records Greece’, later renamed to ‘Sony Music Greece’.
During his career Anna Vissi has released over two dozen albums, most of them managed to attain ‘gold’ status in at least two countries. Considerable success, Vissi has achieved in her acting – she played a major role in three major theatrical productions and worked for a time on radio and TV. Music, however, has always been her main occupation.
Anne tried his hand in many different styles; it is believed that Vissi was one of the first Greek artists that have managed to bring in a traditional Greek laiko and antenna the elements of Western pop and dance style. The resulting hybrid turned out to be surprisingly viable – and that Anna Vissi became one of its main stars.
In the ‘ 90s and the beginning of the new century, the singer was incredibly popular; alas, after the transition to a more commercially oriented variations of the same pop and Laika-pop, Vissi begun to lose fans. However, true fans of Anna have now.
In the late 90s, Vissi started making attempts to break into the international music arena; alas, almost all of these attempts ended in failure – and a very negative impact on the popularity of Anna’s house. Good moves all the same Anna did, the single ‘Call Me’ became the first work of the Greek-Cypriot contractor’s self at the top of the ranking of the ‘US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart’. For Cyprus, Vissi still remains one of the most successful overseas performers; Greece boasts and more successful on the international field of musicians.
In the nearly 40 years of musical activity, Vissi had a huge influence on many performers. During her career Anna has received six awards ‘Arion’, 15 awards ‘Pop Corn’ and 9 awards ‘MAD Video’. In the Bank Anna includes a 32 ‘platinum’ and 11 ‘gold’ disc version ‘IFPI Greece’; total Vissi managed to sell around the world more than 9.5 million copies of their records – which automatically made her one of the most commercially successful performers of the country.
In 2010, ‘Alpha TV’ gave Anne Vissi 2nd place in the ranking of the best performers of Greece since 1960; 1st place in the ranking took Haris Alexiou (Haris Alexiou). Not paid attention to the singer and the magazine ‘Forbes’ – Anna came into his rating of the most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece.

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