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Full biography
Angelina Jolie (real name – Angelina Jolie Voight) was born June 4, 1975. Her parents – the famous actor Jon Voight, has received “Oscar” in 1978 for her role in the film “Homecoming” and former model Marceline Bertrand – divorced when she was about two years. Soon mother Angelina and her older brother, James moved to New York to stay away from gossip and rumors. They lived quite poorly, although people were convinced that the family (even former) actor, who played brilliantly paired with Dustin Hoffman in the cult film “Midnight Cowboy” must swim in money and luxury.

Angelina Jolie took nine years for the first time at the funeral – her grandfather died. The girl was fascinated ceremony – mourning suits, armfuls of flowers on the freshly dug grave, mournful music. It seemed that in the world there is nothing more beautiful! And since then she began to wear only black clothes, walk around the cemeteries and read books on the art of embalming. And she no longer dreamed of acting glory, and about to become the owner of the funeral home …
Angelina Jolie with thirteen years began to collect his famous collection of edged weapons – knives and fourteen brought home a boyfriend with whom they have lived together for two years. But Angelina’s constant desire to play with death, experimenting with knives (her hands were all cut) finally got her boyfriend. At sixteen, she almost died, doctors barely saved her life – a dangerous game ended in a huge cut on the carotid artery … and that’s when her boyfriend left. A reminder of a time on the body of Angelina left a lot of tattoos of Japanese characters, crosses and dragons.
Angelina Jolie is too early to start an independent life. Ran for auditions, she starred in commercials, recorded with well-known musical groups. And everywhere it seemed like Miss Jolie – no relation to the father she did not want to have. One of her first big role was in the film “Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow”. But when she saw herself in it for viewing, she experienced a feeling of immense disgust. And it was again on the verge of collapse …
Death still seemed to her much more beautiful and attractive than fresh and dreary life. Still, end one with this very life she lacked the courage. And then … Angelina decided to hire a professional killer, so he killed her. She was incredibly lucky. It seems that in the face of the man she met her guardian Agnel. “Who knows, life is so fickle! It may be that soon everything will change, and you want to live!” – This cute and very nice “professional” has managed to dissuade her and even refused to take her money. More she never saw him again …
Wonder prediction came true. His mother begged her not to throw away once sent the script and soon Angelina was on the set of the film “Hackers”. Nonsense, of course, complete, there is something about computers – just a movie for teenagers. But then she met on the set of the young British actor Jonny Lee Miller. They fell in love at first sight. Johnny understood it perfectly. Their wedding day to remember everything. Young showed up to church in black rubberized pants and white shirts. On the back of a bride adorned groom’s name, which she wrote to her own blood.
Angelina Jolie, marrying Johnny felt a zest for life and a movie, and a lot of pleasure shot. Because filming in different cities and countries, they are not so much time together. That is why Angelina has become particularly annoying Johnny passion for computer games, especially in his most favorite – “Lara Croft – Tomb Raider” … In general, marriage “lasted only six months.
It is said that after years of Angelina Jolie has agreed to play the role that made her a superstar in a blockbuster based on this same computer game largely in opposition to the former husband. Lara played by Jolie – a sort of hybrid of James Bond and Indiana Jones. Only the female guise.
At Angelina Jolie has always been a special relationship to the actor’s work. She had never played a role – she lived them. Therefore, playing in the psychological drama “Jia” the role of the Italian model, suffering from AIDS, Angelina Jolie decided not to wear a special patch, and shaved haircut … She categorically rejected the offer to star in the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, but agreed on the role of a dashing in ugonschitsy the movie “Gone in 60 seconds,” with Nicolas Cage.
45-year-old Billy Bob Thornton, also a permanent hero of scandalous chronicles Hollywood friends have said many times: “You will certainly need to meet with an actress Her name is Angelina Jolie You just made for each other…” They met on the set of “Pushing Tin” and immediately fell in love. Since then, they tried not to leave, although they could not advertise their relationship: Billy was already engaged to actress Laura Dern, and Angelina has had a divorce with Johnny.
they appeared in public together for the first time in March 2000, when Angelina was awarded the “Oscar” for best supporting actress in the film “Girl, Interrupted.” The wedding is played in Las Vegas. At the ceremony, which cost them only $ 189, they came, of course, in jeans and T-shirts …
Newlyweds and indeed were worthy of each other. How extraordinary people, they never did one another banal gifts and earnestly tried to outdo each other in this competition. For example, once a favorite of Billy gave a tiny pig Miss Piggy, and she in turn make him happy black lacquer pool table for 10 thousand dollars.
But their idyll is destroyed cinema. This time Angelina Jolie dropped out to play the role of the employee of an international humanitarian mission in the film “On the other side of the border.” As usual, Angelina is so deeply immersed in a role that went at the end of filming in Africa and Cambodia as a Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees of the Commission to the UN. There, the actress was so shocked by what he saw, that donated a million dollars for one of the local orphanages. In this shelter, and she saw the baby, who has vowed to take out. She even managed to persuade Billy to fly with her to Cambodia, although it is known, does not carry the aircraft. He already did not express much enthusiasm for the idea, but in six months, while made out of paper, said he did not object to the addition to the family. The more so because, by concluding a contract for the next two series, “Lara Croft” Angelina pledged for three years did not give birth.
But when in their California home appeared eight-month baby, who was named Angelina, Maddox, everything changed. She was busy all day with the baby, completely forgetting the responsibilities of a loving wife. Even at night, the baby is now shared with them the marriage bed. Billy went from disappointment in a groove – hit the town red … Newspapers zapestrili reports of his girlfriends. And on the birthday of his wife, and he drove off in all on tour …
Angelina Jolie getting a divorce, vowed that he would do everything to make the life of her child was happy. Even her father, with whom they have found a common language, often comes to tinker with his grandson. By the way, is now in London started calling Jonny Lee Miller, expressing in a conversation not just the friendly part.
“I would like once again to marry Johnny” – let slip in a recent interview the actress. In addition, she likes to England and she would not mind to move there. In any case, to speak and behave like a real English lady, Angelina already learned, when preparing for the role of Lara Croft – the daughter of the lord!

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