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Birthday: 24.05.1941 year
Place of birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican R.
Citizenship: Mexico
Ten years ago when we first started series boom, playing the main roles in the Mexican telenovela “Nobody but you” Lucia Mendez and Andres Garcia were among the first “soap” of idols, and love him, like any first love, not rusty. Especially that from time to time it fueled a new meeting: Andres – “the Forbidden woman”, Lucia in “Marielena”.
During the time elapsed after the 85th year when he completed shooting the series “Nobody but you” in the life of an actor, there was a wide variety of events. Mexican sex symbol – and andrés, despite his not young age (fifty-eight years), still often so called at home – the man is quite Frank and told about a lot of the curious in the recently released authorized biography “over-achiever”.
Andres Garcia was born in the Dominican Republic in a family of Spanish immigrants. In 1966, fate smiled on him: he successfully debuted in the film, became a successful actor, Director and producer. But until then, in their own skin experienced the full brutality and drama the life of a professional boxer. Still Andres holds a shot. He worked as a diver and as well still under water feels like a fish. Served as a bodyguard since that time a great shot and almost never parted with the weapon. Was a guide in the jungle – and, as you know, is well-versed in the most difficult areas. All this Andres Garcia, it tells in his book. And about how she has managed on its own to cope with many, acquired in youth, vices – Smoking, drinking, drugs. In short, a strong man. This would never fail, nothing will give slabinki. Except that one is susceptible Garcia on the female gender…
The fame of his victories so great that at almost every press conference the question sounds “Andres, how many of you still had women?”. From time to time, he preferred to laugh it off. But in the book decided to be more specific: “When I was twenty-five, I counted two hundred, since then no longer considered, but I think that more than one thousand”. He is credited with six wives, but he admits only three official marriage. He is credited with sixteen, eighteen children, and Andres argues, says that he considers his children and those of the women lived long enough. And that was brought up. About his wife, especially on that last, Maria Clara who is younger than his almost thirty years (a few years ago they broke up), Andres writes with sympathy. The idea is not one of them should be offended. But of his many novels he says so frankly that the children and the guardians of morality it work better to hide on the farthest shelf. Anyway, in Mexico, containing tidbits of history about the relationship with actress Sonia Infante and Martha Serrano, as well as many other known and unknown women have been taken ambiguously.
But, actually, he wasn’t the minion of fortune, this Andres Garcia. There were in his life and very dramatic moments. So, in 1995, the actor denounced, contained charges of drug trafficking, went to prison and spent several months in conditions which almost undermined his health. This time he recalls with a shudder, but considers it his duty to tell everyone about lawlessness and humiliation suffered by then. All the time of the conclusion Andres was deprived of communication with the outside world, he was not given the necessary medication, demand recognition, was blackmailing him, threatening that will impose the same charges his two eldest sons, he was subjected to physical disturbance. And after the indictment has not been confirmed and Andres was released, much attention to it began to show the mafia, after all, among the countless friends of the artist were also representatives of the shadow business, which has decided that now Andres, lot of things learned during the conclusion, it became dangerous for them. His life was committed several attacks. And now the minion of fortune is forced to always be ready to attack: he has constantly bodyguard, and his car rides another, with security, his house is also very carefully guarded. No, he does not feel panic death, but, according to him, die he would, with arms in hand, killing the last of any threat to the human race the bastard.
Was in his life and absolutely terrible days, when Andres found out he had cancer. He did not allow himself to be discouraged, and decided by all means to fight and was cured using a medicine, based on herbs. Example Andres inspired to fight the fatal illness of many patients, and now he gets letters of thanks from dozens of people who followed his example.
With all this Andres Garcia not for a moment forget about work. Recently played in the telenovela “Privilege to love” together with the teammates, as Adela Noriega and Cynthia Klitbo, and received the prestigious award, awarded by the popular Mexican magazine TV Novelas have for best actor. Besides, he along with a group of Mexican artists released a record where the music is punctuated by funny texts on different topics, which just reads Andres. And, of course, Andres Garcia hasn’t been himself, if not continued to twist stories. However, he does not cease to look forward to that will be able to understand how difficult the life of a sex symbol, all will be forgiven and will always be with him, i.e. someone he can once again call her my wife.

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