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General information:
Full name: Anchorage
State: Alaska
Established: 1914
Population (the surrounding area): 0.35 million people..
Area: 5079 square kilometers
Anchorage (Anchorage eng.) – The largest city in the largest US state named Alaska. He also has a population of about 290 thousand people (end 2009) is also the most northerly of all American big cities. All in all, the Anchorage metropolitan area is home to over 370,000 people, or half the total population of Alaska.
The city of Anchorage is also unique because it is located in the immediate vicinity of several large national parks and reserves. Chugach Mountains and the Cook Inlet two sleeves restrict stalitsu Alaska geographically from all directions, making it a kind of enclave among the still largely wilderness state. From here begins a variety of popular tourist destinations of protected areas of the American Arctic. However, even within the city limits of travelers a pleasant surprise wild animals and a variety of natural wonders, which even in the national parks is not always seen.
Another difference Anchorage from all the other settlements in Alaska – the city did not come as a fishing center or base for mining and processing of minerals. Nothing of this it can not boast. Settlement Anchorage appeared on the map at the beginning of the 20th century as a starting point under construction railway. In 1920 settlement received city status, after which its growth and development is even more accelerated. Anchorage has become attractive to the American army, especially during the “cold war”.
1951 was a landmark for the city and the whole of Alaska – in operation Airport named after T. Stevens has been entered, immediately became international. Nowadays, this airport belongs to the world’s largest air cargo terminals. Work every tenth adult citizen of Anchorage, in varying degrees related to the operation of the airport named after T. Stevens. For aviation terminal and a major railway station is added to the Anchorage city port. It provides more than 90% of all freight traffic between Alaska and the rest of the world.
It is important for Anchorage tourism and significantly strengthens the region’s economy. The duration of the tourist season here – just a few months. However, almost all the tourists, eager to see the beauty of Alaska, first come precisely in its capital and hence already are leaving: one to the south – on the Kenai Peninsula, this paradise for fishermen who are to the north – in the famous city of gold diggers or Fairbanks Denali National Park.
From construction and structures associated with the emergence and development of the original Anchorage, almost nothing. It was destroyed by the Great Alaska earthquake in March 1964. This earthquake has entered the annals as one of the strongest in the history of seismic observations and its magnitude was 9.2 points. Anchorage, located 120 kilometers from the epicenter, the damage was inflicted enormous. Particularly affected the central part (downtown), although in other areas of the city have been serious damage. Anchorage to some extent also “lucky” in that it bypassed the tsunami. Maybe that’s why the number of human casualties was small.
If we talk about the climate in Anchorage, it is very mild for the subarctic zone where the city is located. In January, the average temperature here – only minus 9 degrees, no more snow falls than in the middle zone of Russia. In July, not hot – about 15 degrees plus, drops a lot of rain. The explanation to this mild climate that the city warms the warm ocean currents, and from the continental cold protect its mountain ranges.

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