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The beautiful actress of Indian origin, Amish Patel, is well known to the viewer not only in her homeland, but also outside. In childhood, I didn’t limit myself on anything — I studied hard, choreographed and dreamed of following in the footsteps of my parents. For some time the beauty lived and worked in the USA, but not in the world of cinema.

Today she is successful in Bollywood, attractive in appearance, in demand in the profession, engaged in producing, loves to travel the world. Here are just my forty-two years have not had time to become happy in his personal life, to acquire offspring. About the biography of Amish Patel, her personal life and career development will be discussed in this article.

Powerful family
The future world-famous actress was born in early June 1976 in the largest and richest Indian city of Mumbai. Her family was known to many in the district, the Patel spouses belonged to the local intelligentsia, had above-average wealth and could afford a lot. The girl was born in the prestigious clinic. Since childhood, Amish was surrounded by the care of numerous nannies. All that the girl wanted was fulfilled at that very moment. She got used to the luxurious life and learned to take everything from her.

Parents tried to provide their daughter with the best things. Amish received the most prestigious education – it was taught by private teachers, daily surrounded by servants and fulfilled any desire. In addition to his parents, his grandfather Rajni Patel also assisted – he worked as a lawyer, had an impressive experience and for many years of active work gained recognition and popularity in his hometown. Therefore, he provided a better life not only for himself, but also for many descendants.

Interest in creative activities
Ashi and Amita Patel (parents of Amisha) were directly involved in the world of cinema – they are Bollywood actors, they starred in films in their home countries and often took part in festivals. In their own country, the family is fairly well known; both have achieved certain heights in their career activities. When Amish was very young, her parents tried to take her daughter with them, because she already in her childhood knew that she would be an actress. True, she managed it far from immediately.

At the age of five, the future celebrity enrolled in a choreographic school, learned to move and liberate herself on stage. At school age she took part in international competitions and even won.

Moving to America
The beauty received a traditional education in Bombay – she attended one of the best schools. Amish Patel graduated from Indian school with honors, her school years flew almost imperceptibly – she had to work hard and prove herself and others about herself. Parents as a reward after graduating from secondary education decided to send their daughter to raise their skills in the United States, Massachusetts. They chose for her a serious direction – economic.

Upon arrival at the New World, Amish, by invitation, began working as a model in one of the prestigious American agencies. In this role, the future actress has achieved significant heights. She liked the modeling, besides bringing a good income. However, in parallel, she received the experience of a financier in the company Morgan Stanley. But the desire to become an actress and develop their creative makings turned out to be stronger – the boring world of numbers and statistics had to be left. Amish decided to return to her native India and go to drama school. The first roles were not long in coming.

Acting skills
As a professional actress, Amish began working almost immediately after graduating from a private drama school. Until 2000, she went on stage, played in performances. And after that she was already invited to the world of cinema. In the love melodrama Say You Love Amish Patel, Hrithik Roshan played a young couple. The first main role brought unprecedented popularity and spectator love. The girl began to learn on the streets and ask for autographs.

Beauty so organically managed to get used to the role of the beloved hero Roshan, that in real life they attributed the novel. The girl was nominated for the prestigious Indian Award and got the opportunity to continue her triumphal procession in the world of show business.

Amish Patel Movies
After a successful film debut, the beauty increasingly began to appear on the screens. Every year with her participation came out one or another picture. The most conspicuous work of Amish in the movie – “Dream of a swindler,” “Manifesto”, “Runaways”, “In the name of love” and others.

The partners of the set of Patel were Indian movie stars such as Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Salman Khan. Career went uphill. Thanks to the shooting, the actress increasingly began to appear at public events and festivals. She was nominated for numerous awards in the field of cinematography, some awards could win.

New movies

Career activity Patel – one of the most successful in the history of Bollywood. She receives incredible fees and offers of cooperation from the most prestigious film companies in the country. At the moment, Amish is one of the most commercially successful projects of Indian cinema, despite the fact that its career is in full swing.

Acting activity is not faded into the background. Amish continues to be invited to the film tests. In 2013, the girl played in the Indian blockbuster “Race-2” and in the comedy film “Run, Bhola, Run.” In 2014, the beauty appeared in three paintings at once. With each subsequent year, this figure only increases. Unfortunately, most of the paintings with the participation of Amish in Russia are not broadcast and many are not translated.

In addition to acting, the girl tries her hand at producing. So, in 2011, she opened her own center called Amish Patel Production. In the studio come to her little-known novice actors who would like to try their hand at big cinema. She, in turn, help them in the promotion.

Personal life
In 2018, Amish Patel (photo below) turned 42 years old, but the girl has not yet got married. Because of the serious employment on the set and the complete dedication of herself to the career of the actress does not work to arrange personal happiness. Numerous novels have not led to anything serious.

While working on one of the films a few years ago, Amish met the director Vikram Bhatt. Feelings flashed almost immediately, the novel began. It lasted quite a long time – about eight years. Fans were looking forward to the news of the engagement, but former lovers decided to terminate their relationship. After the break, the actress for a short time was in a relationship with the Indian businessman Kanav Puri. However, the feelings could not develop into something more – after two years of romantic relationships, the couple broke up. Currently, nothing is known about the beauty’s novels, she tries not to publicize the details of her own life. In an interview, he increasingly talks about work and his beloved brainchild – the production center, citing the fact that there is absolutely no time for romance.

In everyday life, Amish loves to travel, she has visited many states of America, has traveled almost all Asian countries and is very eager to see Europe. It has a weakness for learning foreign languages, it can even be called a polyglot – apart from Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, she is fluent in English and, most likely, this list will be updated with new languages.

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