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American Pit Bull Terrier

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Country of origin: America
Height: 40 – 62 cm (male). 35 – 61 cm (bitch).
Weight: 16 – 29 kg. (Male); 16 – 27 kg. (bitch)
The content of the apartment: fit, but needs enough exercise
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Good: for experienced owners
American Pit Bull Terrier gentle, devoted companion with lots of energy and a desire to please his master.
With proper education, training and socialization of the American Pit Bull Terrier can be a model member of the family. Especially for families with children.
Its not a very good reputation of this breed dog got through irresponsible owners, who are often persecuted inhuman goals by growing these dogs. In fact, American Pit Bull Terrier are not more dangerous than the German Shepherd or any other non small dog. Because of their friendly nature, in fact, one does not make good guard or guards.
Dogs of this breed love to play, jogging and perform tasks. They are hard workers by nature. Keep them busy, keep them permanent employment, and they will delight you with their high spirits and balanced, sweet temper.
American Pit Bull Terrier is friendly to all, it does not matter whether a person is a family member, friend or stranger. Pit Bull Terrier lovely dog to communicate with the child.
This breed is known for its hunting instincts, so all small animals and birds will be considered as the extraction of pit bull terriers. This problem can be considerably soften early obedience training and socialization among other animals from an early age. However, if another animal will provoke a fight, it is unlikely that the pit bull terrier retreat.
If you plan to have more than one pit bull terrier is recommended not to have dogs of the same sex, especially the two bitches.
Pit Bull ripen slowly and tend to become adults only 2 – 4 years. Like all cheek young pit bull terrier curious, active and playful. They will be happy to play with children, but keep in mind that these dogs can not calculate their strength and accidentally knock down the child’s feet. Dogs of this breed have a high pain threshold, so well-known for its tolerance for children who can pull them by the tail, etc.
American Pit Bull Terrier relatively healthy breed of dog. Most often, these diseases common in these dogs:
Hip dysplasia
aortic stenosis
treatments should begin in early childhood to the dog developed a habit to ensure that her body periodically subjected to some manipulation.
Contents clean and dry ears is very important, especially for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors. American pit bull not need regular bathing, bathing so these dogs can when necessary.
Just like any other dog Pit Bull Terrier must be periodically shear claws if they are not worn down naturally, rubbed his eyes and brushing teeth.
Dogs of this breed need a lot of exercise. They are very active, and if their energy does not provide a way they have used it to the detriment of your things and your home.
Involve the American pit bull terrier in any kind of activity: training, games, sports, they will be happy, because love to be engaged with the owner or members of his family.
It should be borne in mind that each individual dog. This description is typical of the breed as a whole and do not always coincide with the characteristics of a particular dog of this breed!

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