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Youth opens up brave people unlimited spaces for activity. A new pilot of civilian airlines strikes colleagues with impudence, a desire to take the most interesting flights to their hands. The young man’s ambitions are so great that experienced airport employees quickly become ordinary figures for superiors. The personality of the young man literally screams: “Made in America” ​​on conscience and without flaw. Ideal following the instructions carries away the careerist, but within it the plan of effective combination of duties is ripening. The cunning knows about the traffic, dealings with the dealers. Funny plans to get into the contracts of the villains to get a jackpot from long wanderings.
Eccentric fearlessly makes his way into the gangster den, offers drug dealers a mutually beneficial contract. A few years later the collector’s cars will be admired by the beau monde. How did the simpleton achieve unthinkable financial growth in the difficult 80’s? The hastily created capital brings daunting problems to the merry fellow, when it is necessary to explain the source of fabulous savings to the authorities. Only the reserve plan helps the rich man from humiliating arrest. But conceit and crazy craving for a criminal environment necessarily brings scammers trouble. Persecutors can be more dangerous if they learn the scheme of turning deals.

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