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American Horror Story

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American horror story – a series-anthology in the thriller genre, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, each of the seasons which has its own history and character, linked only to the mystical theme of fear.
The first season of the film describes the history of the family Harman moved from Boston to Los Angeles and settled in an old mansion, not knowing that the previous occupants did not find rest after death. Starting a new life, the family can not even imagine that the house-killer waiting for new victims, and dream home turns into a nightmare house testing. House how he knows people’s fears and plays on them.
In the second season of American horror story unfolds around the mental hospital to Brayarkliff criminals. Learning that there for treatment entered the prime suspect, reporter Lana Winters dealing with media coverage series of brutal murders of young women sent to the clinic. Having become an unwitting witness to what is happening in the hospital, she is reluctant to place one of the patients.
In the third season, we are talking about witches school disguised as an elite boarding house for “gifted” girls. witches by any means the Company is trying to protect its last representatives from extinction.
Actions of the fourth season of American horror stories happening in Florida. Managing the latest freak show in the country is going to stop the show. But artists are not so happy to early retirement. They are ready to do anything for that would be creepy circus continued existence.
The series American horror story – it’s a bold experiment to collect all the horror stories and make them incredible psychological thriller. Me a hero, the scene and the circumstances, but always remains a mystery, tension and expectation of decoupling.

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