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American Cocker Spaniel – the smallest of the hounds. This is a very joyful, moving, hardy animal derived for hunting on a feather.
The history of the American Cocker Spaniel
On the history of this breed can be seen in the long title. Initially, it appeared the ancient ancestors – Flushing. It is believed that this happened in the solar and rich hunting grounds in Spain. Then for spaniels got to England came from local breeders and brought out of them a lot of breeds, including Cocker. All of them are also used in hunting. And finally, the charming English Spaniels were in the late 19th century on another continent. Here breeders had other ideas of beauty, so do Cockers local dog handlers. And for some fifty years they managed to create a new breed!
In the country of rabbits
It is obvious that the word “spaniel” is of Spanish origin. Here, in the Iberian Peninsula, the first spanielepodobnye dogs. Basically, they kept the Knights Crusaders, who loved to hunt rabbits and fowl. But according to archeologists, stocky pets with hanging ears, came to Europe from Asia Minor. Ancestors spaniels were in different countries before were in Spain. Similar dogs bred in North Africa and the Balkans. And then on their ships the Carthaginians pet brought to the peninsula. There were so many rabbits that country called Spain, which is translated from the Carthaginian means “land of rabbits.”
Newcomers good dog hunted for birds and lagomorphs – and the Spaniards are seriously engaged in breeding, giving the world spaniels.
By changing profession
Ancestors cockers have changed a lot of hunting specialties. They hunted small animals and birds, were involved in falconry and hunting with the network. And when it was invented firearms, spaniels became talented sporting dog.
Approximate to the king
It is difficult to say when exactly spaniels got to Albion. But the British simply could not help but pay attention to the new hunting breed, because they themselves were avid hunters and dog lovers.
Spaniels in England had an excellent reputation, great respect and generally regarded as royal pets. It is known that in the 10th century in what is now Wales, for the theft of four-legged hunters relied big fine. This is not surprising, because each dog was worth a pound – a lot of money in those days.
Motley diversity
Over time, spaniels settled in England. In different counties, depending on the landscape different hunting strategies. In addition, tastes and needs of owners changed. Therefore, among the spaniels, a host of different subspecies. They differ in size, color, coat length. These dog “family” were named in honor of the breeding area or nobleman who owned them.
The smallest of the breed bred in Blenheim Castle. Then the dukes of Marlborough brought Sussex Spaniel and Field, which became the direct ancestors of the English Cocker.
It is difficult to count the number of species was derived spaniels in England for several centuries. The sources said that there were about 20. While the majority of established species disappeared when owners ceased to engage in those kinds of hunting, which brought pets.
Who is About
The first information about the English Cocker Spaniel appeared in 1697. Breed is the hunters in the counties of Wales and Devonshire. Even then, these dogs tails docked half, so they do not get injured while stalking.
English Cocker could boast a wide variety of colors, as well as other spaniels. At that time, they were different from their counterparts except that the small size, slightly elongated torso, thick hair, and light weight. However, breeders still poured the blood of these dogs spaniels.
That changed only in the mid-19th century. By this time the English Cocker was recognized as a full-fledged breed. They were presented in 1859 to expose in Birmingham. The most famous breeder was Budett – the owner of the English Cocker Spaniel Description. A dog with a strange name on the right was the breed standard. About relied on subsequent generations of breeders. In the late 19th century, James Farrow has created a breeder and his dogs, About ancestors, have been the winners in the pedigree shows. And two of them, About-1 and Chloe, 2, were sent to the United States, and marked the beginning of the breed American cocker spaniel.
And where is the tail?
When dogs hunted with long tails in the grounds, they are constantly wagged them and often obbivat in blood. That’s when the owners decided to stop pets tails, leaving only a segment of four vertebrae. In the case of Cocker Spaniels it became clear that it also improves the exterior of the breed. After arresting silhouette cockers becomes more harmonious. But now, when the breed became more decorative, this operation is carried out less frequently in Europe. And in some countries have banned it altogether as an inhumane.
A little more than half a century
After meeting Chloe and 2-About-1 in the United States was born puppy. American breeders did not wrestle and called About 2 dog in honor of his “grandfather.” Grown dog took part in several exhibitions, and immediately attracted the attention of local dog handlers.
This pet is different from the usual English Cocker. He had a pretty large eyes. In England it would immediately announced a disadvantage, but the Americans have found such a charming feature. Local breeders have decided to create a new breed – not a hunter and a companion for the whole family. In 1881 appeared the American Spaniel Club, and has a program of development of both breeds Cocker was developed after 2 years.
First “American” and “English” knitted together. But in 1915 American Cocker did not look like their British ancestors. After 20 years of interbreeding matings were banned, and after 30 years, a new breed was recognized as an independent.
Description of breed American cocker spaniel
What Americans have changed the exterior cocker spaniel? Firstly, the changed shape of the head: the muzzle has become shorter than twice the length of the skull, the transition from high-Stop became more noticeable and expressive eyes were huge and like a stranger from another planet.
Second, fleece changed. It has become a long, lush, thick undercoat began. Now it falls to the dog’s body, like a luxurious princess at the ball. In addition, chest, abdomen, ears and paws of the American Cocker are decorated with thick curls.
Interestingly, although American Cockers and are not used for hunting, they have a fairly well-developed muscles and strong bones. It is very hardy and active dog, which is ready to run for a long time without getting tired.
Main characteristics: height, weight, color
Cocker Spaniel from the United States – small, strong and compact dog with a beautiful planted his head on a long neck and well muscled. Its height at the withers is 35 – 38 cm, the weight of the average is 12, 5 kg.
Her face is quite wide, long ears, hanging, low set, covered with long silky hair. Tail docked half, although it can not cut short.
On the other spaniels wool dogs of this breed is characterized by its long, thick and very silky hair. It is slightly wavy, has a good undercoat. On the chest, abdomen, ears and legs longer.
Color is quite diverse: one-color (red, brown, black, yellow), and tan, bi-color, tri-color.
Nose black in black dogs, and dogs of other colors can also be brown. Large eyes should have a dark brown iris.
four-legged hero
American Cocker Spaniel – a very healthy dog, survive to 15 years. But they occasionally found hereditary diseases – otitis and eye diseases. So when choosing a puppy you should pay attention to the condition of his age, as well as to inquire about the health of his parents.
All English Cocker Spaniel breeders are carefully selected, including features and character. Very vicious and unbalanced dogs just do not admit to breeding, because even the standard breed such traits are considered a vice.
The Americans managed to get really sociable dog. She is very thin feels the mood of the owners, and has a sense of tact. Pet will never be imposed, if the person is not in the spirit, but always cheer host when that sad.
The rest of the time it’s just a very friendly and tied to all domestic dogs. It can stay in place if necessary, but prefers the active games with your favorite hosts.
Despite the fact that the conclusions of the breed as a hunting, it is now almost entirely used as a family companion dog. This was made possible thanks to the innate gentleness, loyalty, wonderful attitudes towards children and playful nature.
Because of these qualities Cockers became very popular with breeders and now they can be more often seen at fairs than hunting.
They are well-trained and obedient, ready to obey any commands master, affectionate and not aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. They have self-esteem and refined manners.
American Cocker Spaniels are enthusiastic and friendly, always ready to play, not only dogs, but also other pets.
Representative of this breed can be easily wind up in the house with the cat, they have often a very close friendship.
American cocker spaniel can be left at home alone, but not for long. This active dog needs constant contact with people. With a lack of attention she may appear bad habits associated with mental disorder: howling, excessive barking, damage things.
Ideally, such a dog for an extended family with children, which is always someone there at home.
It is better not to have a representative of the breed for those who do not want or who do not have enough time to deal with your pet.
Do not succumb to the charms!
American Cocker Spaniel – a master of seduction. He knows how beautiful and skillfully uses it in different situations. For example, when he wants to eat something delicious. Coker will connect all the charm to elicit a tasty morsel. But you can not resist the charms, because otherwise the dog will quickly overweight.
Do not indulge and aggressive games of the baby. He can grasp at the heels, biting his hands, clinging to teeth and hang on the pant leg. At first it looks like fun, but when the dog gets older, these habits will be too late to get rid of, and it became strong teeth will bring a lot of trouble the hosts.
Remember, he – bigeye and plush, but not a toy. So quickly drop the emotion and enjoy a workout. As on training breed quite gambling, curious and friendly. Only after learning cocker show its best features, and its centuries-old hunting pedigree does not become a hindrance for the family.
Care and maintenance of American Cocker Spaniel
The only drawback of this loving pet – a luxurious coat. Behind it needs thorough care. A dog that is not afraid to comb and water treatment, to this it should be taught from puppyhood.
The coat should be combed every day, especially after walking, because it clogged with small leaves, twigs and dirt. Bathe this magnificent dog you often: once every three weeks. Particular attention will have to be paid to the groin and paws, which often form mats.
American Cocker Spaniel
Simplify care of fur can short hair – it will emphasize the graceful figure Cocker. But then the dog will have to take into the cabin to the hairdresser every six months to update the “haircut”. Separately, it must be said about the care of long-eared fluffy cocker. There is constantly clogged with dirt. In addition, a curious pet may scratch the ears. Owners need to regularly clean up sulfur ensure that Cocker not hurt and picked up the tongs, and long fluffy ears to not get dirty in food, they need to be tied up or during a meal, or use special feeders with a narrow neck.
The eyes of the American Cocker Spaniel should be thoroughly cleaned with a wet cotton pad, without using soap. Such regular maintenance will help prevent eye infections.
Like any dog, an American cocker spaniel is necessary to cut nails and clean the teeth.
Diseases of the American Cocker Spaniel
Life expectancy is the average of the breed – 14-16 years. There are hereditary and congenital diseases, common in American cocker spaniels.
American Cocker Spaniel
Primarily, this anomaly behavior as a result of improper upbringing: a tendency to panic, aggression, etc…
Seen in spaniels cutaneous asthenia, in which the skin loses its normal elasticity, strength and sensitivity. This disease is also called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Not uncommon carnitine deficiency due to which the heart muscle becomes weak, which leads to dilated cardiomyopathy.
In spaniels is too strong ectropion out, because desiccation of the cornea – keratoconjunctivitis, inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa), skin infection on the feet (pododermatitis).
When the disease of the intervertebral discs can offset gaps and drives, which is fraught with paralysis of the animal.
Sometimes puppies are not properly formed retina (dysplasia) and adult dogs can be melanoma – a rare type of cancer that develops from the skin cells that produce melanin.

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