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America Ferrera

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America Ferrera (America Ferrera) – the popular American film and stage actress, winner of awards “Emmy”, “Golden Globe”, the actors guild awards for the title role in the TV series “Ugly Betty.” The winner of the festival of independent cinema “Sundance” (for his work in the drama “These women are always in the body”).
America Georgine was born April 18, 1984 in Los Angeles, in a family of immigrants from Honduras and was the sixth child. Her mother was in charge of the maids in the prestigious hotel and dreamed that all its children receive higher education and “knock out in people.” America is only dreamed of the stage. One 7-year-old girl was lucky enough to play in the play “Hamlet”, after which the baby caught the idea of becoming an actress. America is not sitting idly by – the girl has actively participated in amateur theatricals. It helped her to escape from the gap in the family when she was seven years old, parents divorced and his father left his wife and children and went back to Honduras.
After high school, America entered the University of Southern California, where she studied international relations and Dramatic Arts. America clearly stood out from the crowd of Hollywood beauties, stormed the casting studio in search of the main roles of heroines. A low growth pyshnotelaya cutie America still attracted the attention of producers. Her appearance, on the other hand, then helped get the role, which made the popular America.
While still a student of the first year, 18-year-old girl made her debut in the movie, and played a major role. In 2002, she appeared in the movie about how high school girls trying to win a dance contest, “Break through”. Following the actress I noticed an independent director Patricia Cardoso, who gave aspiring actress main role in his film “Real Women are always in the body” (2002). Her character – a plump young girl from meksikansogo quarter, which wants to leave his father’s house and go to a prestigious college, but can not resist her family that every day she repeat that it is necessary to work hard and get married. Drama suddenly became very successful in America, grossed more than $ 7 million (which is a lot for an independent picture). In addition, the tape was applauded at the prestigious film festival “Sundance” and 18-year-old America Ferrera was awarded the special prize of the festival. Thus, it is the second work of the actress in the movie noticeably allocated Woman, among others. American career began to evolve rapidly. Following, she starred in the film “Song of the prairie” (2004) “.15 / hour” (2004), “Jeans – Mascot” (2005), “Lords of Dogtown” (2005), “How Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer” (2005) .
Mass popularity came to America at age 22. In 2006, Ferrer appeared as
unattractive “horror stories Betty,” which gets a job in a company associated with the world of fashion, in the television series “Ugly Betty” (2006 – 2010). However, its heroine – beautiful inside, and soon she will win the heart of her handsome prince. TV project had high ratings for all 4 seasons, and brought the actress a resounding success. In addition, the project has received several awards “Golden Globe”, and America itself as a result of numerous nominations won the “Emmy”, “Golden Globe”, as well as an award from the Actors Guild.
In 26 years, America has become engaged with his classmate at the university, the director and actor Ryan Williams.
In 2012, the year of 28-year-old actress became the main character of the television series Rodrigo Garcia “Christine.” Ferrer can also be seen in the film “Our Family Wedding” (2010), “Dry Land” (2010), “Patrol” (2012).

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