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Date and place of birth: April 13, 1988, the New Canon, Connecticut, USA
Height: 1.67 m
Allison Williams – a talented young American actress, specializing in comedy genre. Allison Williams is familiar to audiences through participation in the series “Girls”. Just play the actress can be seen in the series “The Mindy Project Season 1,” “The League,” “American Dreams.”
Biography Allison Williams / Allison Williams
Allison Williams was born on April 13, 1988 in Connecticut in the family TV presenter Brian Williams and producer Jane Gillan Stoddard. In 2010, Allison Williams graduated from Yale University and at the end of the year had a role in the series “Girls” written and directed by Lena Dunham, which premiered in the spring of 2012.
Behind the actress – a few small roles, little known to a wide audience, “The Mindy Project Season 1,” “The League,” “American Dreams.”
Allison Williams received good reviews from critics for her role in “Girls”, and in 2013 was one of the main candidates for the prize “Emmy” for Best Supporting Actress in the comedy television series.
“When I came in the series” Girls “, I immediately advised:” Do not dial your name into a search engine, you must not touch what people write. Just be yourself and keep working. ” That’s what I’m doing. ”
In 2014 it realized a childhood dream Allison Williams – on the screens out the TV version of “Peter Pan is alive!”, In which the actress played a major role. As Captain Hook made Oscar-winner Christopher Walken.
Allison Williams is constantly recognized in the interviews to various publications, it is ready to perform any role: “I want to play a negative character. I want to play a romantic character. I want to play a girl-hero. And that’s not all. I can even play for. Can stout 100 pounds (40 kg), I can shave his head bald. I did not worry about such trifles. ”
Allison Williams / Allison Williams in the TV series Girls
In 2012, Allison Williams, took part in the filming of the series “Girls,” which brought her incredible success. Its partners on the set became Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Christopher Abbott, Andrew Rannells, Peter Scolari, Chris O’Dowd. “Girls” – a comedy series about the lives of four friends in New York. Marnie, the heroine Allison Williams – the first series of annoying character, but over time things have changed.
Allison Williams: “I like her character, – the actress admitted. – Although more, perhaps, to Marnie in “Girls Season 1,” and not in “Girls Season 3″. I’m a little more relaxed and less critical – thank God! – And I’m much easier to admit their mistakes. But my character could make friends with Hannah? College – is the wall that separates us from the world. We are starting to be friends with those who, perhaps, would not be friends if we had a choice. One of the series of lines – the transfer of the College of friendship in the vast world of New York City, where Hannah and Marnie can choose not friends from hundreds of students and millions of urban residents. So it was with me, and with my friends from college – we agreed, disagreed … ”
The actress has admitted that working on the show – it’s a dream job. Play Marnie, that so much change from season to season, so to actually play different roles. So she agreed to play “girls” as long as necessary, and everything else that can happen to her career – then. However, if there was an interesting script and shooting will be assigned to a time when the “girls” are not removed, it will be glad to work somewhere else. ”
Life Allison Williams / Allison Williams
At the end of February 2014 Allison Williams announced his engagement to Ricky Van Veen (one of the creators of the popular comedy site College Humor), which occurs during three years. At the same time the actress noticed that does not exclude the possibility to leave in order to create a complete family of show business.
“I would love to become a mother – said Ellison. – But I do not think I could take the children to his trailer on the set … Or combine motherhood and a career. But who knows … “.

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