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Alison Arngrim was born 18 January 1962 in new York, in the United States of America. Is a close cousin, or even sister Stephen Arngrim. Managed to become famous thanks to the role of Nellie Oleson in the television series “Little house on the Prairie”, which aired on NBC. Also, due to the early success she was able to play a few cameo roles in such popular television series as “the love Boat”, “fantasy Island” and other various projects. Allison’s dad is a famous Hollywood Manager named Thor, mother – actress, whose career has been in voicing animated characters in various cartoons.
6 Nov Alison got married to musician Robert Paul. Currently, they have a strong family and they live in Los Angeles. Also have one child, Katie, who is already 15 years and it took a teaching in a private school.
In 1986, one of my best friends married the actress died from AIDS, after which she immediately joined the volunteers. Two years earlier, it was created the Fund of struggle against cancer and a lot of work to raise funds for children in Africa, both southern and Northern.
She Arngrim considers himself a fighter and an active politician, with regards to the diseases and other calamities. She keeps a blog that discusses and illuminates many of the problems. With regards to the current political situation in the country and the world in General.
It is believed that fame has brought her film Little house on the Prairie” where she played a rebel who wanted to go against the rules and break the outcome of the events of that time in the movie, but not everything was easy and she was embroiled in a series of various dark events, okasha on it some impact. She played Nellie Olsen, colorful girl. As said the actress to play Nelly, it’s like having PMS for seven years. It was a very complex and rich game experience reincarnations of the character. He enriched her inner world and made the girl the actress with a capital A.
The actress also took part in the filming of “the Last place on earth”, where she played a mother who sheltered the two children born out of wedlock at home. The kids wanted to break into the big adult world, but because of or in spite of maternal care, she was able to guide them in the right direction in life and let them go without fear. The film played at the true all-stars. Anthony Hamilton, Shawn Ter, Brad pitt and other actors are big Hollywood size.
As Allison played in the theater on stage. The play was more of a hobby for the young actress, rather than a hobby. In childhood she dreamt that someday she’ll find a million dollars and withdraw the money their movie. The art house as a vocation for an actress. How many musicians support young aspiring talents, and Alison wants to see the success of young and energetic Directors and actors. A large part of her time she devotes to his players. Like children, she loves them and care and never denying them the advice or assistance, feasible or not – doesn’t matter much, because a good man can do anything.
Happened as an actress, she began to spend more time with family, with friends and with other members of the public and social movements. Visited the show Cimala in 2007. Attended charity events and other social events. Now she is actively working on his first book and is eager to get recognition in the society of writers, because as an actor she has long held and have only to enter new markets and capture them for a bit one after the other, step by step. This is a vital strategy for Allison, she uses all my life.

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