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Born 02.28.1976, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA.
American actress, model
Childhood, youth
Ali Larter, full name Alison Elizabeth Larter was born February 28, 1976 in the city of Cherry Hill, the US state of New Jersey, the son of a housewife Margaret and managing freight Danforth Larter.
After graduating from high school in Cherry Hill, Eli successfully began her modeling career in modeling agency “Ford Models” with whom he has traveled half the world. From 1990 to 1994 the prince’s girl successfully worked as a model in Japan, and then still decided to return to the United States. The modeling Ali Larter had not seen for themselves for career growth and in the same 1994 Ali Larter went to conquer Hollywood. In Los Angeles, for the beginning she attended acting classes.
Film career
Parallel studies Ali Larter zealously stormed the various castings, running from one audition to another. Zeal was rewarded, it was noticed and offered a role in the series of 1994 “Chicago Hope,” where aspiring actress, however, has appeared in minor roles. The first professional success was the role of Ali Larter cameo Maddie in 1996 in the television series “Unpredictable Susan” with Brooke Shields in the lead role.
Soon, the young actress was offered supporting roles in films in 1997: “Just Shoot Me,” “Chicago Sons” and “Just Shoot Me,” and the following year she also played a supporting role in the cult youth series about teenage life, “Dawson’s Creek.” First love, first sexual experience, joy and sadness, this close encounter the main characters of the series. The more they become adults, the greater were their problems. The main roles are also performed by talented actors: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams.
Career aspiring actress is slowly but surely rushed up the hill, every year with her participation on the screens the film. Painting “Student team”, published in rental was the first box office project in 1999 for Ali Larter, and brought her to let a small but significant kinouspeh, as well as actress reunited with her old friend Amy Smart and meet a movie star Van Der Beek.
In the same year, Larter appeared quite noticeable and entertaining youth comedies: “Running out of love” and “take me crazy.” In the first picture a wonderful young actress starred in the charming Elizabeth, the set with her divided actors: Mark Foyerstayn and Amy Redford. The main character Ralph had a great job, lots of money, good friends. Girls pay attention to it, and it changed them so often that they often forget names, but on the horizon there was a temperamental character Ali Larter – Elizabeth Ralph seriously pondered … I began to restrain his sexual obsession. And the role, the actress and game were duly noted by critics and audiences, and most importantly have noticed her talent directors and producers.
Next Larter, along with Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen starred in the remake of the horror film “House on Haunted Hill.” Action thereof occurred in 1931 in a closed psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane in the suburbs of Los Angeles, which served as the head physician Richard Benjamin Vennakattu springboard for monstrous experiments on human beings. The painting itself was coldly received by critics, but the box office were quite large.
And then went and did a mad cycle of stellar roles, Ali Larter was not afraid to experiment, she did not refuse from large, not from small roles, sought to try out a range kinozhanrov.
In 2000, the talented actress has fulfilled a major role in the cult youth Clear thriller “Final Destination”, created by the American producer James Wong and Glen Morgan. The main topic covered in this film – the impossibility of victory over death. After the film’s release, Ali Larter film career has made an unprecedented leap. 2001 also left its mark on kinobiografii actress. This year, she appeared in the comedy “Legally Blonde,” which brilliantly played the role of Brooke Taylor stellar team with Reese Witherspoon. Man character Selma Blair went to university at the Faculty and met best pupil flow, it is also a charming Ali Larter. And life began to spin, spun …
This was followed by the famous Western “American heroes” with Colin Farrell in the title role, Ali Larter, this time got a small but weighty and bright on the plot role. In film history is Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, the actress starred in a more prominent role whimsical Chrissy. Visually tape was a slasher, the death of the heroes, which occurred as a result of a chain of absurd coincidences.
Acting talent Ali Larter public perceives as unquestionable as it is her beauty and alluring sexuality. What is clear, it became clear after the big screen in 2003, the second part of the film series “Final Destination 2,” directed by David Ellis. In the picture a girl named Kimberly Corman – actress AJ Cook – foresaw a terrible car accident on Highway 180. Heroes remembered the story of the flight 180, and ponavedalis Claire Rivers, it is played and Ali Larter.
From 2004 to 2007, already a popular actress took part in the filming, “Setting”, where almost all of the season successfully starred in supporting roles. And in the same 2004 Larter appeared in a scene with Isabel’s role in the film “Triple a setup.”
Ali Larter has become more and more visible, critics have noted an unusual game of the actress, directors try on for her new role. So in early 2005, gifted actress starred in the independent project “Blackmail” made in the USA, and next appeared in partnership with Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher in the romantic comedy “A Lot Like Love,” directed by Nigel Cole, which Larter played brilliantly Gina. The film focused on the difficult relationship between the two lovers, who first met on the plane during the flight from Los Angeles to New York.
In fact, Ali Larter as an actress became best known for the films, designed for a younger audience, but rather, on teens. But this is what was at all times the most fertile ground for career growth. Ali Larter has confirmed its participation in popularity of “Heroes” series in 2006-2008, she brilliantly played the role of a tortured life of a young mother Niki Sanders, suffering besides also split personality. According to the scenario, waking up one morning, ordinary people from different parts of the world, they are brilliantly played by actor Jack Coleman and Sendhil Ramamerti discovered a unique ability over.
Then came directly after a series of successful film credits actress. In rolling out the fantasy film with elements of thriller “Resident Evil 3” directed by Russell Mulcahy. Ali Larter has played a major role, along with Claire Redfield Mila Jovovich. Soon, viewers could see the melodrama “Marigold: Journey to India”, filmed in Hollywood in 2005 and released in August 2007. Star American soap operas Marigold Lekston her brilliantly performed Ali Larter, went on shooting a new film in India, where it became clear that the film’s producer was arrested for fraud and was in prison.
Premiere prehistoric comedy involving Larter “Homo erectus” was held in 2008. Colorful role Fardart fascinating eccentric actress played surrounded by famous partners kinotsehu Victoria Chala, Troy DeUolt, Giuseppe Andrews. This prehistoric parody a tribe of Neanderthals living measured life – they built huts, gathered roots, hunted mammoths, fought with its neighbors. But unfortunately for them, of the tribe appeared Ishbo philosopher and inventor who invented the first points, first pants, the first toothbrush and tribesmen took instructions how to conduct a civilized way of life. And as a result – a fact on the face.
In summer 2009, Ali Larter was busy in the shooting of the film “Obsession,” directed by Steve Sheila with Beyonce Knowles and Aydris Elbe in the lead roles. The plot described the secretary, which was experiencing great feelings for his colleague. But unfortunately, he is married … Beyonce Knowles played a woman who defended himself and his family from the crazy presledovatelnitsy, it performed brilliantly and Ali Larter.
In 2010, Ali Larter took part in the filming of “Resident Evil 4”, which enthusiastically, as indeed always played the role of Claire Redfield.
Personal life
Life actress, of course, has always been in the spotlight of the media and it is very hard going through public intervention in her personal life that she did not like too much spread.
It is known that Ali Larter married MacArthur Hayes after a year and a half after the engagement.
in November 1996, Ali Larter was presented under the name Allegra Coleman in the magazine “Esquire”. An article published in the journal, described on its non-existent relationship with David Schwimmer, that Tarantino cast for her Sarvina Mines and Woody Allen considered the candidacy of women as an actress for his next film. However, even after the rapid disclosure of fraud, some agencies still wished to represent fictitious Coleman.
Interesting Facts
In 2002, Ali Larter lived and studied in the studio in Miami Michael Howard, then she moved to New York.
Best friend of the famous actress – Amy Smart, with whom she starred in the film “The student team” – was a roommate in Los Angeles.

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