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Debut in 27 years
For the first time, viewers saw Dramon on the screen in the movie “Neither change, nor start again”.
The future actor Alexander Dotch, better known to us as Alexander Draymon, is a true citizen of the world. He was born in Germany on February 7, 1983, but lived there only the first months of his life. First his parents moved to France, where Alexander was honored with his childhood. The move was associated with the illness of the mother’s sister, Doetcha. The woman fell from the horse at the races and was severely injured. Mom decided to take care of her sister on her own.
According to some information, during his stay in France, his parents divorced. Mom married the second time, and Alexander, along with her moved to his stepfather in Switzerland. But there the family did not stay long. My stepfather, in connection with working trips, moved to America, where he stayed briefly in Texas and South Dakota, then in Bali, then in Brazil. Together with him traveled to different countries and Draymon with his mother.
From an early age, Alexander knew who he wanted to be. Most of all he liked the movie. Therefore, the only profession he dreamed about is acting. Parents tried to persuade his son. One day, a father who worked as a cardiac surgeon took him to the hospital, where he showed an open heart surgery. After that, the boy finally decided to become an artist.
After graduation, Alexander Draymon studied acting in France for 3 years. Then another 3 years – at the London Drama Center.
The cinematographic biography of Alexander Dreimon began rather late. He made his film debut at the age of 27. For the first time, viewers saw Dramon on the screen in the movie “Neither change, nor start again”. Here he played an episodic role. A young artist with a model appearance was immediately noticed by famous directors. Proposals for new roles began to arrive regularly.
The following year Alexander Dreymon played in two scenes at once: “Too beautiful to die” and “Christopher and his like”. The first project is an Italian thriller by Carlo Wangqing with a criminal plot. Events develop in Milan, in a week of high fashion. Sicilian inspector Malerba investigates the murder of the top model and goes to the famous designer Marinoni.
In the tape “Christopher and the like” it is told about the London writer and dandy Christopher Isherwood, who was tired of prim life and went to Berlin, where he searches for thrills. Christopher is a homosexual. He spends his time in Berlin bars, where he meets with representatives of sexual minorities. The period of time, which is described in the picture, pre-war Germany. Alexander Draymon played the boy on call Caspar, who has a stormy relationship with Christopher. After a while, the main character learns that Caspar is a member of the Nazi party.
The next film, in which Draymon appeared, was an action film “Resistance”, which tells of the mysterious events of a secluded village in Wales, where suddenly all the men disappear. Women go in search of the missing.
But a truly stellar role, which made of Alexander Dreymona a famous actor, was played by them in 2013th. This year, the artist appeared in the third season of the popular TV series “American Horror History.” The series was a huge success, and the entire cast of actors brought a lot of fame to the participants of the project. Draymon played Luke Ramsey, a mysterious young man whose dwelling is located next to the school of witches.
In 2015, the screens went to the historical tape “The Last Kingdom.” It tells about the reign of Alfred the Great – the king of Wessex, who managed to win the lands from the Danish Vikings. The protagonist of the film is a descendant of the Saxon family Uhtred Bebbanburgsky. He was kidnapped by Vikings in his infancy, having brought up in his environment. When Uhtred grew up, the question arose before him – on whose side to fight. Alexander Draymon played the main character of the tape.
Personal life
The actor is not married. The personal life of Alexander Dreymon is closed from prying eyes. In public, he often appears in the company as beautiful women, and representatives of the opposite sex.

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