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Alen Delon

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Birthday: 08.11.1935 year
Place of birth: France
Citizenship: France
Original name: Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon
Women Alain Delon
Career in the movie from Alain Delon was not easy: for many years, he was offered only the roles of the frivolous beauties, and the Directors believed that the artist has no talent. Their perfect appearance, I have successfully used to explore the influential ladies that helped him with his career. Over time, Directors saw the guy not only his looks but also acting skills. But to this day I do not take seriously as an artist! He is credited novels with dozens of different women, but truly it is known only about some of them.
I was born in a poor suburb of Paris, and never dreamed of becoming famous. His parents divorced when he was young, and the education of the future sex symbol engaged servants. As a teenager, I worked in the sausage shop, but then gave up a dead-end job and went to conquer Paris.
He could not determine the future job, changing one job after another, until one of his acquaintances suggested he try his hand at acting profession. He starred in the episodes, but the Directors didn’t trust Alain major role due to the lack of education.
Recognition came to the artist only in adulthood. In his youth he met many women, which have received the role. Among the mistresses was listed even wives of famous Directors. Despite the fact that Delon was divinely beautiful women have left him due to severe nature. Only one lady Alena supported for many years, but he never reciprocated. Romy Schneider Alain idolized, and he managed to twist stories with others directly in front of her. Personal life I always caused many questions among fans, and even now, when Alain was almost 80 years old, he never ceases to amaze novels with young and beautiful girls.
Alain Delon and Brigitte Aubert
When I first met Brigitte was in France a famous actress, like her colleague Michelle Korda. Both of the girls, then spun novels, when he was barely twenty years old. He was not embarrassed by the fact that he’s Dating two women, and was more interested in the prospects that it could give the relationship. Michelle was married to a man from the world of cinema and asked him to ‘attach’ Allen, but the husband refused. As for Brigitte, she broke up with Delon after recommend Alena to his teacher. He met a young actor and said that he’s a complete mediocrity, though very beautiful.
Alain Delon and Romy Schneider
This fateful meeting took place when Schneider got from life almost everything, but will only odd jobs. Thank to everyone came very early, and at the time of meeting with Delon she was already a national favorite. Schneider fell in love with blue-eyed hottie from the first sight and made sure that he played with it in the film. However, I was in no hurry to reciprocate. Romy for months dismissed the idea that she likes Allen, because relations on the set between them was, to put it mildly, hostile. Soon, I ‘gave up’, and between the actors began a passionate affair, which did not promise a happy ending. Young often argued and even fought, and the first reconciliation always was the directing. She sacrificed much for her lover, didn’t want to believe that he was cheating on her and even got what we tell her I got engaged.
Happiness actress broke off suddenly in one of Newspapers, I saw an article where it said that Delon has a girlfriend who is pregnant with his child. The article is accompanied by photographs of the pair. Schneider would not go away from your beloved and demanded that he made a choice. Delon did not explain and did not even talk to Romi. She soon learned that the actor married. For several years Schneider fell into a deep depression. Later they met and then tried to resume the relationship, but he refused. She knew that Delon does not love her. The actress then married twice and had two children, but was not happy with husbands. She died of a heart attack at 43 years old, and many fans of Schneider blamed Alain for her death.
Alain Delon and Nico
The affair lasted a very short time and was without any obligations from both sides, but Nico got pregnant from Delon. Neither Alain nor Nico newborn boy were not needed, besides, I did not recognize him. Custody of the child took the parents of the actor. No young mother or a new father never met, and their son, Christian, was raised by Delon’s parents, giving the boy his real name.
Alain Delon and Nathalie barthélemy
I have had many decent women with a good reputation, but he married only once, and the choice was Natalie – the girl with a suspicious past. Evil tongues said that Barthelemy was associated with the mafia. Alain found her in the club, and at that time, Natalie already had a daughter. Because of this girl, which I had left Romy Schneider. In 1964, he received from Delon’s letter, although the letter it was difficult to call. Rather, it was a note where he reported being married. Later it became known that the note was written by a friend of Delon at his request. Then Natalie was pregnant and for several months lived with Alena. Once it arrived, Schneider, and actor kicked Natalie, even though she was pregnant. When Schneider again went on shooting, I brought back a pregnant friend. Family happiness Natalie and Alena did not last long. After the birth of son Barthelemy started the old way of life: to have suspicious acquaintances, and to disappear in the night clubs. Alain could not stand such treatment, and the couple divorced four years later.
Alain Delon and Mireille d’arc
Mireille was amazing, and all the men of France secretly wanted to be an actress. But then, in those years, was devastated: he had suffered from depression after the divorce and was not going to start a new relationship. However, seeing the Dark, he could not restrain his admiration. He lost his head, like a boy, and could not forget you, Andrew for 15 years. However, because of its frivolous nature, but sought to hold Mireille, and often went to ‘partying’. But the Dark proved to be a true and faithful woman. It was more forgiving to experiment.
Soon the actress was diagnosed with severe illness. After the surgery, I threw Mireille. Fate gave her another blow – Dark had an accident. Allen came to her in the hospital and brought a beautiful bouquet. Mireille was sure that when I get home from the hospital, Alan is waiting for her. The actress made a mistake this time, Delon left her for good.
Alain Delon and Rosalie van Bremen
Rosalie was young, intelligent, beautiful girl, but will only just celebrated his 56th birthday. Rosalie fell in love with the gray-haired, but still an attractive man, started Dating him and got pregnant. Bremen was sure he could not marry her, but even after the birth of his daughter, he never hinted at it. A few years Rosalie gave the actor a son, hoping to bind him to his children. But Alain didn’t care – he was rarely at home and not even sought to communicate with children. Ten years Rosalie suffered the indifference of his head, and then blamed him for moving to their common friend. A few months later they got married and then bought a big house in a secluded area, where she lives the last years. More big novels in the life of the French actor was not, but his fans know that Allen was never alone all this time.

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