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02.04.1914, London, UK – 05.08.2000, County of West Sussex, United Kingdom.
British actor.
Winner of the “Oscar” (1958, 1980).
Winner of the «BAFTA» Prize (1958, 1989).
Winner of the «BAFTA TV» Prize (1980, 1983, 1986).
Winner of the “Golden Globe” (1958).
The winner of “Tony” Award (1964).
The beginning of the way
Alec Guinness, the full name of Alec Guinness de Cuffe, born April 2, 1914 in London, UK beggarly quarter. From an early age, Alex Guinness, who grew up without a father and with complete indifference on the part of the mother, faced with the problem of finding one’s own identity. Being painfully shy and timid by nature boy liked to go for a stranger, imitating their characteristic gait and gestures.
Film career
In 1934, Alex Guinness debuted on screen in a tiny episode of the painting “Evening Prayer”. Indeed prominent screen role was the novice actor Herbert Pocket vtoroplanovyh role in the film adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” David Lean in 1946. Translating literary image Pip devoted friend Alex Guinness succeeded, it was a decent debut.
“Oliver Twist”
Beginning of cooperation with David Lin opened a series of bizarre cinematic actor characters. Another work of the actor became the master thief Fagin raspberries in another Dickens adaptation of David Lean’s “Oliver Twist” in 1948.
Sinister Fagin was built entirely in Dickensian by external grotesque: incredibly hooked nose, exaggerated gestures, emphasized demonic laughter. This love of ekstsentriade was misunderstood in America, the film was banned because of alleged anti-Semitism.
“Kind Hearts and monogram”
The role character actor Alex Guinness finally confirmed in the dark comedy of Robert Hamer’s “Kind Hearts and monogram” 1949. “Kind Hearts and Monogram” – a black comedy about the struggle for the inheritance with the real benefit of Alec Guinness, who played in the movie 8 relatives of the hero, including women. The Americans considered devilish cynical film and did not want to release in rent, it has not yet been peresnyat final.
Alex Guinness – a brilliant actor, who had an incomparable gift of reincarnation, pass by this gifted artist’s interesting filmmakers could not. The eccentric comedies studio “Ealing”, which determined the face of British cinema early 50’s, Guinness appeared, as a rule, in the roles of losers suddenly ascended destiny and it is then overthrown: “The man in the white suit” 1952 “Killer lady” 1955.
It is possible to piece together a dozen (or one) of modern geniuses, and in comparison with Guinness, they are simple – good actors. Each of his role – the opening event, shock, and his colonel of the “Bridge on the River Kwai” in 1957 – a true masterpiece of the cast! The film is significant in itself, but without Alec Guinness, he is likely to be down to the lower level!
And is not the main role was played subtly far in “The Quiller Memorandum”, which immediately gave Alex Guinness to the fore. Not for nothing in this film he dubbed himself innokenty smoktunovsky! Casket opened simply: genius could duplicate only a genius.
Alex Guinness became a star of the international scale. Although discreet, quite ordinary appearance and idiosyncrasy to the pathos, Alec Guinness often played not only holders of power, but the genuine influencers – those whose power is recognized voluntarily.
In 1962, Alex Guinness brilliantly coped with the role of king Feysalv in the film “Lawrence” directed D.Lina. Fantastic on subtlety and elaboration, the present governor of the eastern, treacherous and noble at the same time – in this role Guinness was just delicious! The film had a good trio Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness and Anthony Quinn.
Great Roman Alex Guinness played twice: Marcus Aurelius in “The Fall of the Roman Empire” – 1964 and Caesar in the film “Caesar and Cleopatra” in 1976.
Then in 1970, Charles I was out of film “Cromwell” K. Hughes director. In the “Cromwell” actor clearly gave to understand that such “absolute monarchy”. His King Charles the First, whose subtle facial expressions consisted of “almost smiles” and “perhaps the irritation” was kind of shocked and angry ridiculous riots that took place in his kingdom, but mostly in general could hardly believe what was happening around.
“Hitler: The last ten days”
For the role of Hitler in the 1973 film “Hitler: the last ten days,” directed by Alec Guinness Concini prepared honestly and carefully, a lot of reading, studying, drinking mint tea (Führer loved), even quit smoking (the Fuhrer did not smoke). To defend the right for the role, responding to the reproaches of those who believed that he, the former officer, a veteran of World War II, more useless to play Hitler.
In the picture turned out to be a wayward Dickens rich uncle – with the absurd fantasies about the destruction of Europe and a bunch of hangers-relatives among the higher ranks of the Reich. Alex Guinness did everything it should be: wearing ugly mustache eyes clung to his interlocutor, trembling wrists, rattled torn ligaments, and was kind and irritable, but not hysterical. But evil does not touch him. Absolutely. And Hitler uttered the phrase: “Nowhere do not play by Shakespeare is just as bad as in England” – has bordered on satire and direct betrayed hero with his head. But the role of the main perpetrator of the twentieth century – Adolf Hitler – “an actor who could play all” was played and totally failed.
Alex Guinness was lovely, distinctive and very talented British actor. The first thing that pops up at the mention of his name is a bright, interesting and memorable role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars” director D.Lukasa.
Shortly thereafter, Alex Guinness attracted the attention of the British television audience in the intricate spy dramas scripted Le Carré “Shoemaker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” and “Smiley’s People,” in which he played the super spy George Smiley.
“Little Dorrit”
In 1987, viewers saw an adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens about the family bankrupt William Dorrit “Little Dorrit,” which spent 20 years in debtors’ prison. His daughter Amy – kind, sympathetic woman, she worked tirelessly to rescue his father. Finally, one day she was lucky … Starring: Derek Jacobi, Joan Greenwood, Max Wall, Patricia Hayes.
Alex Gineess brilliantly played in the picture of a weak and vain William Dorrit, the father of the heroine. The actor deserves the same praise as the critics of those who were dissatisfied with the excessive duration broken into two major parts of the movie and those who considered the work of a young woman-director of one of the best adaptations of the great classics.
Alex Guinness was interested in any role. The actor played mostly supporting roles, demanding “convex” characteristics.
In 1991, director Steven Soderbergh Alex Guinness invited to participate in its new project “Kafka”. Actor Jeremy Irons was the company, Theresa Russell, Joel Grey on the set of this film.
“Kafka” – an intriguing film with a story based on a sequence of dangerous and very strange incident in which the main role is played by a fictionalized film version of the 20th century Czech writer Franz Kafka. Jeremy Irons, an insurance agent, investigating the disappearance of his friend and colleague.
“Silent Witness”
The film “Silent Witness”, filmed in 1994 by the British director Anthony Waller, was a very interesting example of quality kinokoproduktsii post-Soviet Russia and the UK. Actor’s work Zudina Marina and Oleg Yankovsky was beyond praise, Alex Guinness also took an active part in the filming.
In 1938, Alex Guinness made his debut in the theater, John Gielgud, who entrusted him to play Hamlet. By 1955, the Guinness reputation in the theater world was that the Queen awarded him the Order of the British Empire, and four years later made a knight.
In 1989, after a decade of theatrical absence, 75-year-old actor Alex Ginnss returned to the West End, where he waited for the role of a Russian diplomat in Lee Blessing’s play “A Walk in the woods.” On the question of whether he did not think to make such a return to the stage risky, Alex Guinness said, “In fact, many spoke about the risk, but I do not quite understand what they mean. I do any kind of work professionally. No nervous overloads without experience. The main thing – to always be in shape, and it does not matter whether you’re playing in front of the camera or in front of the hall. ”
In 1958, Alex Guinness made in “first hand” as a writer of British film.
Personal life
In 1938, Alex Guinness met with the actress Merula Salaman, however, and immediately married from the natural shyness explained himself to her only after two years. In this marriage he was born the only son Matthew. August 5, 2000 in Sussex West County Alex Guinness quietly left this world.
Interesting Facts
By 1955, Alex Guinness reputation in the theater world was that the Queen awarded him the Order of the British Empire, and four years later made a knight.

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