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Albert Brooks – an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and film director. “Oscar” nominees. The greatest popularity was due to the films “Broadcast News,” “Drive”, “Taxi Driver” and “Out of Sight.”
Born July 22, 1947 in California. His mother – the actress Thelma Leeds, and his father – actor and radio host Harry Park. After graduating from high school in Beverly Hills, where he studied with the future actor Richard Dreyfuss and Rob Reiner, Albert entered the University of Carnegie – Mellon University, who left after a year. His career he began to work on the radio, with the support of his father. In 1973 and 1975, the years Brooks has released two comedy programs recorded on vinyl, which were a success, and the second even nominated for “Grammy” award. After that, Albert decided to try himself as a director, taking off his short film “School of famous comedians.” By the end of 1975, he has produced six short films with the participation of well-known comedians for TV show “Saturday Night Live.”
In 1976, Brooks made his debut on the big screen as an actor, playing a role in the dramatic thriller Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver,” with Robert De Niro. Impressed by the film-making process, Albert decided to withdraw his feature film, in which played a major role. The painting, titled “Real Life”, was released in 1979 and received critical acclaim, so Brooks even conceived to create for her reality show grounds.
In subsequent years, Albert played in comedies, sometimes speaking also as a writer and director. Among the films of this period can be noted film “Modern Romance”, “Lost in America”, “The Twilight Zone,” “Defending Your Life”, “Mother”, “The Muse” and “Broadcast News.” For the role in the last actor was nominated for “Oscar”. Other notable paintings with his participation were “out of sight”, “My First Mister” and “Wedding Party”. In addition, Brooks voiced characters in the animated film “Finding Nemo” and “The Simpsons Movie” and played “Datura” in the popular series.
Significant difficulty in Alberta occurred while promoting his film “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World”, on which scenario Brooks, playing himself, is sent to India and Pakistan with the aim to find out what makes Muslims laugh. Many companies have refused to release the picture due to its ambiguous title and content, and after the film was released in rent, he did not return on investment. break came in Brooks’s career, and the picture at the moment is his last directorial work. As an actor, he is back on screens in 2011, the year by playing in the crime thriller Nicolas Winding Refn, “Drive”, which was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival award. Brooks himself was nominated for the “Golden Globe”.

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