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General description of the breed Alaskan Malamute
Who would have thought that this remarkable Arctic dog sled designed to become a favorite pet and many dog owners simply animal lovers. Alaskan Malamute is even called “northern or snow train”. This dog is able to adapt to the most severe conditions of the North, where the eternal winter, frost and snow. This Malamutes are very hardy and strong. They can pull a sled or wagon with a man with things a few kilometers. Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest breeds of sled dogs. breed name comes from the name of a tribe that lived in western Alaska.
Malamute – this is a very friendly, strong, hardy, sociable dog that is in dire need of human attention. This breed is characterized by a striking intelligence and incredible stubbornness. The innate stubbornness and strength of character to explain the constant desire malamute “in the saddle” other animals and even their masters.
Alaskan Malamute can be called a “working” dog. Work and exercise for it – it is vitally important things, without which it can turn into a lazy, weak-willed, stupid animal. If you decide to become a happy owner and host malamute, then you are very lucky because in this dog you will find kindness, optimism, generosity, devotion and love. But it is worth noting that the one who is looking for true friendship, finds her friends with malamute, but the one who wants to humility and obedience, to go past the dog.
Malamute is often confused with Siberian Husky. However, they do have some similarities in appearance, but that’s where the similarity ends. In the first place, Husky Malamute differs from his stubborn character and incredible endurance. Siberian Huskies can also be harnessed to the sled, and he may even win the race, but he can not afford to drag the great weight for a long time for several kilometers.
Despite the fact that a little more Malamute and Husky slower, this dog “on the shoulder” any hard work. Malamutes really the biggest dog of all the driving. The reason for the overall – is strong bones and muscles.
It is interesting to note that despite the malamute endurance in the harsh “ice” conditions in the warmer months, they feel uncomfortable. Then it requires careful and special care. This is due to their thick hair and the same dense undercoat. But if the Malamute was in their midst, he can slowly run day and night. At the same time his face there will be no trace of fatigue.
Girl with Alaskan Malamute malamutomIstoriya very interesting. As previously mentioned, the name of the breed got its due malemutov tribe who lived on the shores of Alaska. Malemuty were very hard-working and peaceful people. The first ancestors of modern Alaskan Malamute were well-groomed, powerful dogs with excellent and thick hair. They have served their masters, they ran into the sled and even helped to haul heavy boats.
At the beginning of the last century has overtaken Alaska “Gold Rush.” This had a favorable effect on the development of the breed. The demand for increased malamutes. Many prospectors flooded lands of Alaska in search of gold, but many of them died, and did not get to the place. We traveled and achieve success, only those who are in a vehicle used the harness with the Alaskan Malamute. These events and facts were even depicted in adventure novels of the famous writer Jack London.
However, despite the fact that the increased number malamutes were negative aspects of such interest and demand. Gold miners frantically tried to cross a dog with all the rocks in order to bring individual with maximum speed and endurance. But because of these “experiments”, greed and the pursuit of gold, purebred Malamutes few litters left.
Fortunately, the “Gold Rush” was replaced by the sports. Now the Americans are interested in sledding races and with passion to spend time and money in order to restore the breed and make it “clean”. It is only with a full-blooded malamute could win the race on the sled. Only by 1926 it was able to achieve positive results and significantly increase the population of purebred Malamutes. From this moment begins the breeding of purebred Alaskan Malamutes.
In 1935, the breed was recognized all over the world was even created a special club and published standard. But, unfortunately, the tragic events that took place during the Second World War, led to the fact that only 30 purebred Malamutes left in the world. The reason for that, there were people who just left to die of starvation dogs. But there were even cases such as freight forwarders, conducted the research in the Arctic, after the use of dogs as unnecessary blew them.
Another breed of recovery began after the war ended in 1947. It spent a huge amount of effort and material means, that only by 1960 the population of Alaskan Malamutes increased, and there was no question about the breed disappeared from the Earth. In the early 70-ies malamutes “flooded” the countries of Europe. To date, the Alaskan Malamute 18 takes pride of place in thirty of the most popular breeds in the world. And in 2010, it was recognized as an honorary Malamute US symbol.
The nature of the Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute with schenkomMalamut is very welcoming and friendly dog. He just loves to be the center of attention. Therefore, it is perfect for large families with small children. He can always play the role of nurses and to participate with the children in active games.
Despite the fact that Malamutes are very fond of their loved ones and are able to firmly and permanently attached to their owners, they still will always require the human reciprocity. This gregarious dog, which just need to be in the family, whether it be a dog or a human family. Malamute in any case does not accept the content of the closed enclosure or prolonged loneliness. In this case, the dog may become isolated, lose to you trust and even love and respect.
Yes, it is worth noting that the Alaskan Malamute, unlike many of his fellow four-legged, not a pet of one owner for life. One has only to undermine the credibility of times, malamute offend or lose respect for him, he immediately switch his interests to another person. We can not say that this is a betrayal on his part, the thing is that this breed is very stubborn, smart and it can quickly get bored with a number of recurring and repetitive actions. In other words, if you are on a daily basis, will be several times ordering pet to bring your slippers or a newspaper, he can take it as disrespect and remember for a long time.
In connection with this nuance, the Alaskan Malamute is strongly recommended to get beginners in dog breeding. In the absence of the necessary education and experience to communicate with dogs, a newcomer will make mistakes, which in the case would be unforgivable to this breed.
Stubbornness malamute significantly hinders his learning and training. But the most interesting thing is that because of their curiosity and unsurpassed intelligence, they are able to remember all the commands the first time. They even fulfill your requests and commands, but no more than 1-2 times. After that, they just get tired of repeatedly bored repeating actions, and they will lose interest in the whole process of learning and training.
It should be noted that if you hit the impressive size of the dog, and you decide to buy it as a safe guard your property, you can not try in vain. Despite its size, strong legs and strong bones, Alaskan Malamute never take advantage of this “arsenal” for aggression to anyone. This is due to its natural friendliness and kindness. Malamute never rush to a stranger, but if he is a real threat to him or his master. To all your guests and just to those who will come to your home, Malamute will treat warm and welcoming, without a hint of aggression. The only thing that can scare a stranger in the case of the malamute – is its impressive dimensions.
But it happens sometimes that, owing to improper upbringing or because of psychological trauma suffered by a puppy, malamute can become uncontrollable aggressive animals. Experienced breeders and veterinarians do not recommend to buy a puppy with such inclinations, and if a puppy still got to your house, then in any case it is impossible to develop in its aggression and try to direct it against the people. As a result of all aggression and anger can turn against the owners themselves. Therefore, at the first aggressive attacks malamute is necessary to strictly prevent, but if you cope with the problem persists, then the dog should be given to specialists.
Appearance and standard
To date, there are 2 main types of Alaskan Malamute:
M’Lut – typical for this type of the most diverse color from black and gray to blue and white;
Kotzebue – representatives of this type should be painted only in the “wolf” color.
The difference in the physical plane, is that malamutes M’Lut – a stronger, larger in size, mobile and aggressive dogs, rather than representatives of Kotzebue. Many breeders and breeders are active debate about which of these species must be considered by this malamute. But it should be noted that the standard of the breed was not written by the people, and the very nature and history.
General Standard: basic characteristics
Alaskan Malamute is a very powerful, strong, mobile, sled dogs. She folded tightly, her deep chest, but the body is quite compact. The body is covered with thick hair stiff and dense, but soft undercoat.
Height of males – from 60 to 63 cm in females – from 57 to 59 cm Average weight -. 35 to 38 kg.
The head should be broad, powerful, reflect the presence of intelligence. Despite the large size, it is proportional to the body. Muzzle and bulk, but, in any case, not elongated or pointed. malamute The ears are triangular, erect and graceful. They are set wide and slightly rounded at the tips.
Jaws must be powerful, teeth – big, sharp, frightening. Lips tight. Scissor bite. malamute eyes should be almond-shaped, they are small and hazel colored, set a little obliquely.
Nose must be painted black, with the exception of red malamutes: their nose can be brown.
The neck is strong and slightly curved, which gives the Malamute additional grace and become. Chest very deep and wide. It gives them the growth and stature. The back should be straight, well muscled and strong loin. As for the dog’s tail, it should curl cheerfully and proudly climb over the back in a calm state.
Wool malamute – is its main feature. It is the northern rock so tough outer coat foundation was conceived by nature, which is hidden under the thick, soft undercoat. For better heat and “waterproof” coat malamute always slightly oily.
Color may be light gray wolf, to black and white and even blue.
Limbs Alaskan malamute flat and parallel to each other. Paws and powerful like a bear. Differ strong bones and muscular. The most important defect and shortcoming are the blue eyes.
life expectancy
Dog breed Alaskan Malamute live an average of 12 to 15 years
The number of pups per litter
At the Alaskan Malamute usually born 5-6 puppies in the litter
Maintenance and care of the Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan malamutNesmotrya that the Alaskan Malamute – it’s very beautiful and noble dog, it still needs a special and careful care.
With regard to water treatment, then the dog will not pull out of the water, how much she loves to swim. Since Malamute has a thick plush coat, the hottest time of year water treatment are vital for him. But it has its own characteristics that must be considered. Although if you do not much care about the “Exhibition” appearance of your pet, the following advice might be omitted.
We are talking about coloration malamute and some of the nuances of bathing: white and dark spots should be washed different detergents. This is due to the fact that a dirty white coat and dark spots may lose color depth and shine of the shampoo properly selected.
Most importantly – thoroughly rinse the hair from the remnants of detergent. After malamute procedures must be thoroughly dry. Otherwise, the wool can be rolled, and the dog at all sick. Moreover, drying may take about an hour of your time. Since you need to not only dry, but also to comb his thick hair, which is often “naughty.”
During moulting dog need your help. Like other pets, this process takes place in spring and autumn. During this period, it is necessary every day and carefully comb the undercoat and the basic coat. Otherwise, your pet form huge mats, and in your apartment will fly a dog pooh.
The Malamute is very long and sharp claws, so they occasionally need to grind or shear. The eyes should be cleaned at least 1 time per week, ears cleaned at least 1 time per month to monitor the discharge from the nose.
With regard to the nature of the content, it should be noted here that malamutes love to dig holes. Even if it will be in the apartment, he did not give up hope and will to dig the ground. It’s not fun, but rather a natural instinct. Do not forget that the Malamute come with snowy Alaska where the food they find it under a layer of snow, which is necessary to dig up. Unlearning the habit malamute is almost impossible, which is why the best place for him would be content area or a country cottage.
The apartment is not suitable Malamute also because it is a very freedom-loving, active and agile dog. Limited space and Alaskan Malamute – 2 is incompatible. But the main reason why the members of this wonderful breed can not be kept in an apartment – it is its size. It is not on their own will destroy everything around and occupy precious square footage.
Education & training
If we are talking about training and educating, then you must immediately remember about the stubbornness of the breed and about its irresistible desire to dominate all. To begin the necessary education from the earliest days of the appearance of the puppy in your home, with patience and please be willpower to to follow through and overcome many troubles.
Malamute – a vast lump of energy and enthusiasm. It is curious, it quickly seizes. And all will be happy to carry out, until you get bored. And when tired – will go back down. Here you have to turn on the leader, the leader of the pack, but do not overdo it. On malamute can not push, remember his particular temperament.
Never forget the impressive size malamute. for example, when the puppy was very small, you could not stand on his kindness and warmth, and allow him to sleep with him on the bed / couch, and when he grew up a huge dog, you decide to wean him. You are unlikely to get it, chances are you do eat with your favorite couch than can shove huge malamute.
Malamute – a gregarious dog and it needs a leader. The host should not only become her friend, but also a leader, otherwise the reins she quickly “take to their legs.” To become a leader, and the leader, you need to show respect to the dog, to get her trust.
Malamutes intellectually developed and continuously dog “thinking.” They themselves will assess the situation and decide whether to obey or not. Therefore, control its behavior should be carried out continuously. We can not lose sight of even the smallest infraction.
There is one key to success, which will help the owner of “curb” temperament and stubbornness malamute – a work and exercise. They need to work as well as in food or water. To everyone happy, pet need to load the work, but in which the host will necessarily participate. This work and the load can be frequent walks in the fresh air, active games with the ball, a long walk or riding a bike, and even hike to a picnic where Malamute can help carry food or water.
How to choose a puppy Alaskan Malamute: where to buy
Alaskan malamutPosle you have decided on the kennel and came to meet with a potential pet, proceed to a visual examination. Pay attention to the behavior of the toddler: he must be an active, agile, with a good appetite. Externally, the puppy should appear healthy, with shiny thick coat, clean ears and eyes. Ears should not fester. Make sure all vaccinations, as well as the state of his stomach. After all, the most common health problem in Malamutes is a twisting of the stomach. Also check the reference to parasites run.
If possible, make sure you familiarize yourself with the puppy’s parents. Check out their awards and pedigree. Observe their behavior: for baby – a reflection of their parents. Do not grab the first proposed to you toddler-malamutika. Spend at least an hour, watching all the puppies. It is important to notice the latent or overt aggression. This puppy in no event should not buy. It may turn against you.
The most important thing – that between you ran a spark of understanding and love. Only in this case you can buy this and faithful friend and companion.
Interesting Facts
It is interesting and useful to know that
Malamutes love everything and everywhere digging and this could not cope;
these dogs took part in the most famous and important scientific expeditions;
Alaskan Malamute – a symbol of “gold fever” and the mascot of the pioneers in Alaska;
Malamute is an essential “attribute” and a participant in individual sports;
Alaskan Malamute starred in legendary feature film “Eight Below.”

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