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Alaskan Klee Kai – thumbnail Huskies
Husky – this is one of the most popular and most beautiful breeds in the world. But not everyone has the opportunity to keep in his house a large dog. It is for such a case in Alaska was bred special breed, which is a miniature, but a replica of Husky – Alaskan Klee Kai or mini husky. This dog is perfect for fans of small pets, which can be easily squeezed and even diarrhea with a dog in the bag. It is worth noting that Klee Kai – this is not a “snow dog”, carrying his master on a sled, and a small companion, which will bring into your life the joy and beauty.
Alaskan Klee Kai also called mini or miniature husky husky. This is the most wonderful breed, which managed to bring in the last century. It succeeded in combining all the most positive qualities and characteristics that can only exist in a dog. Translated from the Eskimos’ cus kai “means” little dog “. Simple and uncomplicated. But, despite the simplicity of its name, this breed is considered to be the most successful among those that have been withdrawn recently.
This is an incredibly energetic and cheerful dog. It is ideal for owners of single as well as for large families with small children. Despite its “youth” of the breed has established itself solely on the good side. Most breeders, dog breeders and fans of dogs predicting Klee Kai great future.
Klee Kai will always be able to make an impression on others, even if its host mega-star. Its amazing appearance and temperament will not be able to outshine any other dog, and even more people. On the mini-husky will always look back on the street and see off her looks and smiles.
Outside Klee Kai is very similar to the Siberian Husky. The most expressive part of its appearance – a large and intelligent eyes. But the main difference from its parent – it is very soft, kind and, at the same time playful and mischievous character. Klee Kai – a sociable “darling” of the contact with whom you can be charged by an incredibly powerful and positive energy.
Alaskan Klee-KayEta amazing breed appeared in the late 20th century. Namely, in the 70s the American Linda Spurlin has got in his house Husky. The dog was still quite small and Linda thought it would be great to create a miniature, but a replica of this beautiful dog with a bright appearance. By Linda conceived started the company with his girlfriend Eileen Gregory. They have worked hard over 20 years to bring a breed that would be exactly the same as all the beauty of the familiar husky but the size was several times smaller.
Official exhibition breed was implemented in 1989. It was a great event, after which the miniature huskies were crowds of fans and admirers. It was only in 1995, they turned to achieve excellent results: born the small Alaskan dog. In the same year it recognized the breed association’s rarest breeds.
It is still unknown exactly how the breeder managed to achieve such results and bring Klee Kai modern look. Do they select only the smallest representatives of husky or used for crossing other miniature breeds. But it was no matter what methods are used and Gregory Spurlin: because they have managed to create a masterpiece and please the thousands of breeders.
Appearance, size and life expectancy of the Alaskan Klee Kai
Alaskan Klee Kai
The breed can be subdivided into 3 main types, which differ in size:
standard with increasing from 38 to 42 cm and weight of 10 kg;
a small increase from 33 to 39 cm and weighing up to 7 kilograms;
toi with an increase of up to 33 cm and weighing up to 4.5 kg.
From Klee Kai Husky is distinguished not only small size but hooked tail, similar to the one that the Huskies. Mini Husky – a small copy of the Huskies, medium-sized, compact dog with a perfectly folded body. She has very expressive eyes, which may be a bright blue, green or brown. It is also allowed multi-colored irises.
Klee Kai breed representatives may be true friends and family for 14-16 years. We can say that they are long-lived.
The breed standard
Standard Purpose – it is an opportunity of professional breeders instructions and parameters that will help maintain and improve the consistent quality of the breed. But if you are just a fan, you should not pay attention to minor faults or deviations from the standard.
Since Alaskan Klee Kai was removed by reducing, there are some potential drawbacks that appear in the process of becoming a rock and can occur at the genetic level in the contemporary representatives. It is necessary to pay special attention to and take advantage of visual aid in the form of accepted standard.
General description of the standard Klee Kai – a smaller version of the Alaskan Husky with thick hair and thick undercoat, the head is wedge-shaped, with pointed and erect ears and a mask on his face, a characteristic exclusive to this breed. The tail is curled. Appearance Mini Husky is fully consistent with the origin of “snow” of the breed.
What is the difference
The main feature that distinguishes Klee Kai by Husky – a special mask to the face, pronounced and contrasting colored. Unlike Husky Alaskan Klee Kai – this is a very energetic, fast, extremely active, very curious and playful dog. She will be forever loyal to his master and, despite its unimpressive size, will be indispensable as a watchman and security guard in the building.
Key Features Alaskan cus kai
Alaskan Klee-breed KayStandart provides for a clean, sharp lines on the head, without folds, proportional to the size and shape relative to the torso. Head mini Huskies should necessarily taper towards the nose and move in a wedge shape. The lower jaw of the dog should be strong and powerful, but not protruding forward. Lip color varies depending on the dog’s basic color. It can be both black and brown and red.
Based on the standard, from Klee Kai should be straight, white teeth and scissor bite. As for the nose, there is variation of color also depends on the color of the dog, but the most common black nose, at least – with a pink stripe, etc. Alaskan Klee Kai has amazingly beautiful eyes, which in addition to beauty should be of medium size, not prominent. Color is allowed as blue and brown. There are even multi-colored “variants”. They are slanting with black lids. Should not be too pooped and close-set to each other.
Alaskan Klee-KayStandart includes a pair of standing, well overgrown with fur ears. They are triangular and directed upwards. It would seem that for the head mini husky her ears a little large, but it should be. Her ears are densely covered with skin from the base to the tip, which are slightly rounded. Also Klee Kai ears confirm its activity and curiosity: they are very agile and responsive to every rustle.
As for the dog’s neck, then it should be of medium length, slightly curved and graceful. In repose carried over the body evenly, but when the dog starts to move or run – the neck is stretched forward, thereby taking out the head. The front and rear legs Alaskan Klee Kai straight, set wide apart and parallel to each other. It is noteworthy that the hindquarters pronounced angles of knee joints. The feet are also good, oval, powerful and proportional. The pads developed between thick and long hair.
The main feature that distinguishes Klee Kai – is its unique, pubescent hooked into the ring tail. It lies in the middle of the back, and the tip of his brush with the dark color a bit hanging on the side. The tail should be sufficiently long and twisted into a full ring. The standard provides for the presence of a mini-husky dense, developed, a long, healthy hair, so characteristic of its progenitor – Husky. The undercoat should also be thick and maintain the basic hair. But it is worth noting that there may be too long hair, which will hide the outline of the dog. Collar and “apron” on the breast is formed due to a very dense undercoat and basic hair. Arista Klee Kai straight and rigid, and the undercoat is soft, but a little shorter.
It should be noted that the adopted standards for Alaskan Klee Kai provide and allow the existence of different colors and shades. There is only one prerequisite, without which the mini-Husky will present mini husky. This is her clearly highlighted with bright contours, contrasting with respect to the basic color mask. The outline should not be blurred. All color must be symmetrical, but the mask on the tone or two darker. If the mask is not available or is not expressed by all the rules, then it is likely only a “distant relative” Klee Kai.
Alaska Mini Husky dog is small in size, and therefore the standards spelled out that her weight and height should be no more (and no less) installed. Recall that the growth is measured from the withers to the ground. Most importantly, what you should pay attention – this proportionality. Height and weight must match. Miniature Klee Kai – 33 to 38 cm; standard – from 38 to 42 cm; toy – cm to 33 inclusive. The disadvantage will increase from 43 cm and above.
What is the nature mini husky?
Alaskan Klee-KaySamaya the main feature of the Alaskan Klee Kai, which distinguishes it from its Siberian ancestor – is an amazing character. They do not like each other. That alone is worth comparing this dog with a cat. Yes, many argue that Klee Kai is the embodiment of a cat in a dog. This comparison came not only because of their small size, but also its unique ability to wash its face with the help of the front legs. Of all the dogs so can only mini husky.
Miniature Husky is also great to find a common language with other pets. In the merit of their friendliness and enormous curiosity. This is a silent dog that does not like to bark for a reason. Lai she prefers melodic and funny sounds, howling and trolling. This is its unique ability to “talk”.
Klee Kai, like their ancestors, very agile, active and playful. But in contrast to the overall Huskies, their miniature replica is not as destructive in its actions for an apartment or house. Therefore it can be safely called the “apartment” dog.
Alaskan Husky mini – it is affectionate, reliable, faithful and cheerful one for each family member. They get along very well with young children. They can be safely leave with the kids, and they are well cope with the role of “nurse”. Klee Kai By strangers wary and distrustful. Outbreaks of aggression appear only in case of danger. But they never rush, barking, no deliberate act “step forward.”
A dog of this breed is very loyal to his master. But it requires constant communication and attention. Her love should be mutual. Since the mini-Husky is a very interesting pet, it is always necessary to develop and to satisfy its desire to know everything. If Klee Kai will not feel enough attention from owner and love, then it can turn into an uncontrolled dog and “grumbler”. It will require a variety of communication methods, including, constantly whining and “talking” to the unknown “klikaevskom” language.
Care, maintenance, feeding and health
Alaskan Klee-KayOgromnoe advantage of this breed is that special care and special conditions for the maintenance it requires. Alaskan Klee Kai does not require a monthly or even yearly mowing, trimming or winter clothes, etc. nature has bestowed this dog all the qualities that help her to be the most naturally, without human intervention. Due to the long hair and thick undercoat are well tolerated and the most severe winters. They are not subject to frequent colds and allergies, which greatly facilitates the selection and choice of diet dry food.
Mini Husky is not allergic and do not cause allergies in humans. They absolutely do not smell unpleasant smell “skunk”. The fact is that initially this breed is output for room maintenance. But Klee Kai will also be a great feel and a country house or cottage. After all, like other dogs, she loves the freedom and activity. But in this case it should be noted that the miniature husky very jumpy and can even jump over the fence, and they can not resist digging saps. It is therefore necessary to take care of the high fence, which at least a meter and a half will be “drowned” in the ground.
Alaskan Klee-KayChto regard to care, there is a problem and the small inconveniences may occur during molting, namely spring and fall. In this difficult for the dog and for the owner a period to help each other. You must comb her hair at least every other day, using a special mittens or a stiff brush.
The frequent bathing and water procedures, this dog does not need. It is by nature very clean and as mentioned above, can spend half a day on grooming and licking. In a particularly “dirty” cases, you can use a special dry shampoo for dogs. What is important in the care of Klee Kai, it’s a regular haircut and filing his claws. This should be done at least 2 times per month.
Alaskan Klee Kaiku-feeding should be treated responsibly, as well as for any pet or even for yourself. The ideal option would be a mix of standard food and dry food with the necessary additives. It is important not to overfeed your dog.
Most breeders are wondering about the health of very young and rare breed. Did mini husky inherit the good health, which nature has endowed her large Siberian ancestor? It should be noted that this dog was able to combine all the positive characteristics of the Huskies, including excellent health.
In general, during this short time of existence of the breed, there were no reports that Klee Kai have substantial health problems. Occasionally there are problems with the eyes and hips. But more recently it has been revealed that the mini Huskies are carriers of the mutated gene is rare, which is responsible for poor blood clotting. This disease is a bit like hemophilia. But this does not mean that all dog breed with this gene will die from bleeding. Thus disease suffer only 1 dog in 100 individuals.
How to train a Klee Kai
Alaskan Klee-KayDressirovka mini husky is not easy, in principle, with any other dog. Despite the fact that the mini Huskies inherited from her ancestor a similar appearance, but from its stubborn character and temperament she got a little bit, but still, when misconduct host, she can try to start to train him.
From the owner of this process will require a lot of time, effort, but most importantly – patience. It should be understood that Klee Kai – it’s not a dog, which by request of the owner will bring a ball or sneakers. This is a very intelligent and even wise dog, which from the puppyhood needs competent assistance in education. Of course, all classes must take place in the form of a game, but do not play too long, right and authority long lost. Praise your puppy with gentle words of encouragement and treats.
Such qualities as curiosity, activity, playfulness, that the nature has awarded the Huskies, will form the basis for training. It is only necessary to direct its energy in the right direction. Klee Kai must be accustomed to the leash from the very first days of its appearance in the house. Otherwise, because of the constant activity and the desire to frolic he simply abandon it, and to teach it will be very difficult. Also, teach your dog to the order in the house.
Little Huskies love to chew anything, rather all. Therefore, you need to take care of the toys for his teeth. Let him know that everything has its time and place. Incidentally, Klee Kai are very intelligent creatures, they remember commands and requests from the first time. Everything will depend only on the host, from his tone, etc. Proper training mini Huskies – is the key to the development of her mind, as well as to a happy life together.
How to choose a puppy, price and where to buy
Alaskan Klee-KayKak in the case and with other dogs, for a start you need to decide the purpose of pet establishments. Klee Kai needed for exhibitions and competitions, or for a warm home of the company. Choose the most reliable and proven nurseries, which will introduce you to all relying documents, certificates, etc. Do not buy a pet from the hands or on the ads in the newspaper or online.
Make sure the baby Klee Kai in vivo, when he eats, talks to relatives and plays. Only then will you be able to catch the features of his character.
Choose a medium-sized puppy from a small litter. It should be plump, with soft fluffy fur. But most importantly – toddler should respond to you in return, interested potential host and friend.

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