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The nature and proper upbringing of dogs Alabai
Alabai – Turkmen kind of breed Central Asian Shepherd, one of the oldest breeds in the world. Strong and fearless dog Alabai wary of strangers, faithful to his master and to his last breath to defend his home and his family. Purebred Alabai considered a national treasure of Turkmenistan and prohibited to be exported.
Breed dogs Alabai deduced for 4000 years. The breed of mixed martial traits Mesopotamian dogs, herding dogs and the ancient Tibetan dogs. Immediate family Alabai – Mastiff dog breed and its Tibetan, as well as Mongolian shepherd. Powerful dog is best suited to protect grazing sheep from flocks of wolves. Not for nothing called the Turkmen Alabai Wolfhound Dogs Dog and Caucasian breed.
Description of species
Alabai dog (photo) – a typical molossoid. He has a large head with a massive lower jaw, a little like a bear’s head. Fleshy lips completely cover the lower jaw. Rounded eyes wide apart. Small dark hanging ears triangular, usually cropped. Short neck and broad chest, coupled with a powerful body make a huge impression. Paws have Alabai stronger and stronger. The tail is usually docked, but may be undocked tail is crescent-shaped. Height dog is 70 cm, weight ranges of 40 – 60 kg.
Alabai can be painted in white, brown, black, red, yellow and gray. Allowed tiger coloring, speckled or piebald. Coat wolfhound straight and stiff, with a thick undercoat. There are individuals with a short (3 cm) and long (7 cm) wool. Very thick skin protects the dog from biting the enemy.
For thousands of years in the dog worked out the ability to fend for themselves, so at the genetic level, Alabai entrenched aggression toward other dogs. Alabai try to break any extraneous dog, which turned into the field of view. By “their” dogs, who live with him in the same house, he relates quite friendly. Despite its protective qualities, properly educated dog will never attack humans. Alabai warn uninvited visitor about his dissatisfaction with menacing roar.
Alabai – not a fighting dog. However, in Turkmenistan annually so-called “fighting dogs”, during which the dog fighting with each other, should demonstrate their ability to stand up for themselves. According to witnesses, these competitions are more like a joust or war dance. The dog should correctly grasp his opponent behind the withers and not release. The winning dog in a grueling battle will never throw the opponent to finish. Alabai – winners are the pride of Turkmenistan and valuable producers.
Alabai – a proud, confident dog. It is necessary to earn his respect, then he will obey. Given the complex Alabais dominating psychology seriously need to take their training. The host should be the undisputed leader for Alabai, so at the age of 6 – 7 months should receive a full course with puppies obedience.
ALABAY well relate to children, play with them and protect them.
Care and Maintenance
Like all large dogs Alabai prone to diseases of the joints. Therefore it is very important that the puppy has received proper balanced diet rich in calcium.
Alabai absolutely not adapted to living in a city apartment.
Breed dogs Alabai, the nature of which differs rare poise, can be successfully used to protect and defend your home or cottage. Alabai friendly refers to all the members of his “pack”, including adults, children and other animals. He is loyal to his friends host.
Alabai tolerates both heat and cold. For its content necessary to build an aviary and equip his booth. Alabai very unpretentious in food and, despite its size, consumes little food.
Alabai does not require special care. dog coat has a special property – it does not stick to dirt, it always looks clean and well maintained. Usually alabais much molt once a year, in the spring.
Alabai – bitches quieter, Alabai – males differ at independence. The best option – to keep in the area heterosexuality dogs Alabai. Dogs need long walks and exercise.
The dog Turkmen Alabai – difficult dog, but if properly trained, you will get a splendid guard, beautiful, loyal and intelligent friend.

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