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Birthday: 24.04.1968 year
Place of birth: Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland
Citizenship: Ireland
Height: 175 cm
Original name: Aidan Murphy
Littlefinger from “Game of Thrones”
Success in theatre, film and television made Aidan Gillen is truly a cult actor in Ireland; some success Gillen enjoyed outside his native country – he happened to star in a number of quite popular and successful films and television projects.
Irish actor of theater, film and television. Best known roles in television series; in addition, he played Stuart Alan Jones (Stuart Alan Jones) in the project Channel 4 ‘Close friends’ (‘Queer as Folk’), John Battle (John Boy) in the Irish crime drama ‘Love/hate’ (‘Love/Hate’,) Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish (Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish) from the HBO series ‘Game of thrones’ (‘Game of Thrones’) and Tommy Carcetti (Tommy Carcetti) from the project ‘the Wire’ (‘The Wire’).
Gillen was born – originally bearing the name ‘Murphy’ (Murphy) – in Drumcondra, Dublin (Drumcondra, Dublin). One of the sisters of Aidan, Fionnuala (Orla), also became an actress; another sister, Patricia (Patricia), went into pedagogy, and brother, John Paul Murphy (John Paul Murphy) is a writer and playwright. Aidan himself as an actor first tried his hand as a teenager – for some time he worked with the Youth theatre Dublin (Dublin Youth Theatre), where he debuted in a production of ‘a Midsummer night’s Dream’ (‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’).
Later, Aidan moved to London (London), where she continued her acting career.
One of the first really successful role Gillen was the role of Stuart Alan Jones in the hugely successful TV series channel 4 ‘Close friends’; later Aidan played in the continuation of this project. The role of not only glorified the actor, but also earned him a nomination for the award of the ‘British Academy Television Awards’ in the category ‘Best actor’ (‘Best Actor’). After Aidan was waiting for a role in the Broadway production of ‘the Caretaker’ (‘The Caretaker’); for it Gillen was nominated for ‘Tony’ (‘Tony’). The role of teach (Teach) project at the Dublin Gate Theatre ‘American Buffalo’ brought Aiden was nominated for a theatrical prize ‘Irish Times’.
Role in ‘the Guard’ brought to Gillena more attention; among others, he was noticed by the producers on HBO. In 2004, Aidan got a place in the main cast of the popular TV series ‘the Wire’; a role that brought him the award of ‘Irish Film & Television Award’ in the category ‘Best main actor of the TV project’ (‘Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television’). Through this project, the popularity of Aidan grew even more still; at home, in Ireland, the actor acquired the status of a truly cult.
In 2009, Gillen played together with famous wrestler John Sinaia (John Cena) in the film ’12 rounds’ (’12 rounds’). In July of the same year, Aidan played in the project, BBC2’s ‘Free fall’ (‘Freefall’) c Dominic Cooper (Dominic Cooper) and Sarah Harding (Sarah Harding); later, Gillen and David Morrissey (David Morrissey) got a major role in the British drama ‘Thorne’ (‘Thorne’).
In 2011 Aidan entered the acting team of the popular television series ‘Game of thrones’; the image of the little finger brought the actor a second nomination for ‘Irish Film & Television Award’. In the British crime Thriller ‘Without compromise’ (‘Blitz’) Gillen played together with Jason Statham (Jason Statham) and David Morrissey; the British horror film ‘Awakening the forest’ (‘Wake Wood’), the company he was Timothy spall (Timothy Spall). In the crime drama ‘Love/hate’ Helleno got the role of criminal mastermind John Battle; for this role the actor received a third nomination for ‘Irish Film & Television Award’ and the second time the award was won. Next were the recurring role of CIA agent in ‘the Dark knight: the legend’ (‘The Dark Knight Rises’) and one of the main roles in ‘the Secret player’ (‘Shadow Dancer’).
In 2001, Aidan Gillen married his old friend Olivia O Flanagan (Olivia O Flanagan); now the actor lives with his family and children in Ireland. In General, about the personal life of Gillena relatively little is known – actor is trying to carefully separate it from the life of a professional.

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