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Of course, Aerosmith are great American rock-n-roll band. But their popularity they earned not only a song work, and their horrible antics at concerts, arrests, drugs, and numerous riots. Aerosmith for some reason called “bad boys from Boston”. May be because the venue for the first rehearsals of the group was chosen in this city, despite the fact that the backbone of the band (Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton) are irrelevant to the Boston had not. Aerosmith are often compared with the Rolling Stones, it is very Steven Tyler was like Mick Jagger. Few of the performers and rock bands can boast such a number of sold albums (150 million). Over these 40 years, the band Aerosmith was one of the most successful commercial projects.
The commercial success and popularity was accompanied by frequent drunkenness and quarrels between members of the group. Especially after their fourth album, Rocks Steven Tyler with his comrades became especially often drink alcohol in large quantities, sometimes on the stage barely kept on his feet. In connection with the drunkenness, there was an incident at a concert where the group Manager has revised the order of the songs and changed the first and last places. Steven Tyler sang the first song and left. For him the concert was over, because the habit to sing in the prescribed manner, worked on all hundred.
In 1979 Aerosmith Joe Parry is leaving, not finding a common language with Steven Tyler. Joe creates his own solo project. At that time the band had recorded their sixth album, Night in the Ruts and was replaced by two guitarists. The album is a failure.
Many rock groups usually break up or end their existence on a more tragic note, especially if drugs are involved, or even just a decline in popularity. Aerosmith had also experienced drugs and drunkenness, quarrels and reconciliation, but out of these difficult situations, to start over and even survived a one off.
The band Aerosmith have been treated, and in 1984 the team once again played Joe Parry. The albums Permanent Vacation and Pump have become very popular, Aerosmith back on top of commercial success. In the nineties of the last century for Aerosmith’s days become even more successful. The album Get a Grip was a legend, especially because it included defining the face of the song Crazy, Cryin’ and Amazing. The videos for Crazy and Cryin’ are historic for the rock to roll.
In these times has become noticeable manifestation of the group in the movie. In addition to written specifically for the film “Armageddon” song “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”, Steven Tyler in 1993 with the whole group starred in the movie “Wayne’s World-2”, and in 2005 was shown in the movie “Be cool”. In addition, the band Aerosmith was featured in an episode of famous American animated series “the Simpsons” is also, incidentally, an indication of the popularity of the group, because in the animated series show only stars. What can I say, if Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler) played a major role in the movie “Armageddon”. By the way, the band Aerosmith was nominated for “Oscar” with a song for this film.
The last album recorded by the band in Aerosmith 2004 Honkin’ on Bobo, was the starting point for a world tour. They first appeared in the United Arab Emirates and India. Gave two concerts in Russia. The next album is expected in spring 2008. In spite of these no longer young, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, wonder what is the supply of energy from these musicians as they can on stage and how much more in the Studio. For so many years, their life energy is increased and, in spite of age, group Aerosmith remains forever young, if not physically then musically for sure.

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