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Born March 5, 1956/60
Birthplace of Toluca, Mexico, Mexico
“Hello, how about” Adriana Barraza enough to identify it as Mexican to the core. However, their ductility as an actress allows you to mimic women of any latitude besides your life goes equally between Mexico, Miami and Argentina, where his daughter Carolina (married to actor Maxi Ghione) and his grandson John live. Barraza is an actress since age 15 but his career took a turn in favor, when he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for Babel, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, in 2006 (see The key to success). Years earlier he had worked with the director on Amores perros, where did the mother of the character of Gael García Bernal.
In the latest move by Argentina, the actress filmed Cerro Bayo, which opens today, with a character, Marta, as local as the rest of the cast (see page 6).
Sympathy and naturalness of this woman, petite and playful, the move away from any hint of diva, but increasingly more rubs shoulders with Hollywood stars. Its failed intervention in the blockbuster Thor is for her an enriching and amusing anecdote. “It was very interesting what happened. I was happy that I called Kenneth Branagh, the director, because I’m his fan, “he says. “And when I read the scene, I said,” Wow, I’ll be with Natalie Portman, what father! I met with the director, producer and writer, to discuss my participation. We were ten days to do my scene, and it was impressive to see him directing Branagh, with his script in hand, as in the theater. His directions were true acting classes, all did silence to listen. Besides, I’m a fan of science fiction and fantasy films so it was very fun to participate. And then, then, I became all the promises from the Americans, and nobody takes it from me, “he laughs. After he was told that his scene would not go. “I understand that the director had to tell what I needed, and my scene was not fundamental. I’m just proud to have been an extra luxury; I was in the trailer, but not in the movie. ”
With the same passion he tells his encounter with Branagh, recounts his fanaticism for Sean Connery and Betty, the ugly and its protagonist, Ana Maria Orozco. “When I’m in Argentina, I meet for lunch with Ana Maria, and suddenly look at her and say,” But if Betty, the ugly! How wonderful”.
At age 55, he achieved the dream of opening his own acting school in Miami, with her husband, Argentine Arnaldo Pipke, also an actor. “What most excites me are the courses we give for those over 50 years because I want to discover if their life experience serves as a tool to act.”
With Pipke, they are together for nine years and are followed to Argentina to visit their children and to work. Barraza’s first husband, Carlos Valsagna, the father of her daughter, was also living in exile in Argentina and Mexico. This year, in addition to the film Cerro Bayo, another job the joined our country: Colombia filming of the miniseries Lynch, starring Natalia Oreiro. There, Barraza involved in two episodes. She and Pipke portray a troubled marriage.
Although now the actress has opened the doors of Hollywood, do not forget their difficult beginnings. Especially when he lost his mother at age 12. By then, the theater classes were a lifesaver against sadness.
With dozens of works in film, theater and television in Mexico, Barraza is known as Master, for his long dedication to the training of actors. In addition, one of his specialties is teaching neutral accent.
In his work actress and teacher, Barraza added that of director. For many years it took to direct the children’s Televisa telenovelas, and now continues his work in Miami, Telemundo. “I am very hysterical as director, very strict. Do not let it fly or a fly when we are working, “he says.
Barraza was born in Toluca and his childhood was spent out of doors, playing with his brothers in the street. Before devoting himself entirely to acting, Adriana tried other options and studied chemistry, like her mother. His loss was a tremendous blow to Adriana. “It was terrible, I had to learn to work things out for myself being small.”
Even before finishing high school, and tried its luck acting in plays. very young mother, Adriana took her daughter to the theater while rehearsing the works, at night, after work. Only in 1994, he had his first opportunity on television, in the novel Imperio de Cristal, a villainous character, of great popular impact, for which he received several awards.
Restless and vehement, Barraza suffered two heart attacks, a few years ago, as a result of overwork and stress. He understood the lesson: now, still as passionate, but more carefully. “Every year I do my check, I am a lady who wants and cares,” he says.
With talent and a unique gift, Adriana showed he can make any character in any language.

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