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Adam Sandler (Adam Sandler) – American comedian, actor, musician, screenwriter and film producer. He is known for his roles in such films as “Happy Gilmore,” “Big Daddy,” “Mr. Deeds,” “50 First Dates,” “Anger Management.”

Born th September 9, 1966 in New York, in Brooklyn area. His father worked as an electrical engineer, and his mother was a teacher. When Adam was five years old, the family moved to New Hampshire. From childhood Sandler liked to work on the audience and entertain people. So at school he entertained classmates and teachers. But the venture to become a comedian at the same time he did not arise. Another of his major passion was music. After high school, Adam enrolled at New York University, where his ability to put on a show regularly made themselves felt. Little by little, he begins a career comedian, performing in various clubs and with small roles on television. The first time for a television show, even more than Adam Sandler wrote scenario than playing himself. The impetus for the development of the actor’s career was his participation in the show “Saturday Night Live”, after which at Sandler noticed and began offering movie roles. So, in 1993, he clearly played a small role in a melodramatic comedy “Coneheads,” and the next year he went to one of the key roles in the comedy “Empty-Heads.” At the same time, Adam signed a lucrative recording contract of his album “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You”, for which was later nominated for a prestigious music award “Grammy”.
After a supporting role in the comedy “absolutely crazy” in the 1995 Adam Sandler falls play a major role in the now rather “Billy Madison,” a successful comedy. From this point, Sandler increasingly received offers to star in the lead roles in various sitcoms. The following year, 1996, he published the audience warmly received the picture “Happy Gilmore”, then Adam Sendrler plays in the blockbuster comedy “Bulletproof”. Then, one after another is a number of successful roles in films such as “The Wedding Singer,” “The Waterboy,” “Big Daddy,” “Mr. Deeds,” “Punch-Drunk Love.” In the movie “Anger Management” partner set for Sandler became a serious actor, Jack Nicholson and Adam was not lost on his background. As a result, the star duo created a brilliant comedic drama. Continued success of the picture “50 First Dates,” “All or Nothing”, “Click: With remote control for life”, “Chuck and Larry”, “Bedtime Stories.” And one of the last works of Adam Sandler became a remake of the comedy of 1969, is based on the Broadway production of “Just go with it.”
All this time, Adam Sandler, and manifests itself as a capable writer, because a considerable part of the film, the role in which he performed, filmed it on his scripts. After founding his own production company «Happy Madison» Adam Sandler became independently produce not only the movies with his participation, but also others.

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