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Birthday: 15.12.1979 year
Place of birth: San Diego, CA, USA
Citizenship: United States
Idol for teenagers
In 2001 Adam was in the ensemble cast of the famous Comedy ‘American pie 2’; in the same year he had the opportunity to play in a variety of paintings, among which was a Comedy ‘According to Spencer’ and ‘Roadside Assistance’.
Adam Brody (the full name is Adam Jared Brody) was born in 1979 in San Diego, CA. He was born and grew up in a Jewish family of a lawyer Mark Brody and his wife Valerie, graphic artist; Adam, the eldest of the children, he has two twin brothers, Sean and Matt (Sean and Matt). It is known that in high school Scripps Ranch High School Adam Brody was not the first disciple and had pretty low scores; he spent a lot of time on the beaches, surfing and actively hanging out. By his own admission, Brody, if he has failed to become an actor, he would, most likely, a professional surfer. However, artistic and very attractive young man decided to take a risk and get closer to his dream of becoming an actor, and at age 19, Adam went to the (Hollywood).
The first film in which a young actor, was a short TV Comedy 1995 ‘Now What’. After that Adam played in the TV show ‘the Amanda Show’ . ‘Real’ work began in 2000, in that year, Adam was lucky enough to get in many television projects and some full-screen films, including short film ‘The Silencing’ and fantasy short film ‘Never Land’, in which Brody appeared in the title role. Among the television projects with his participation of that period biographical drama ‘Growing Up Brady’ TV series and ‘the Faculty’ (Undressed), ‘judging Amy’ (Judging Amy) and several others.
In 2001 Adam was in the ensemble cast of the famous Comedy ‘American pie 2’ ; in the same year he had the opportunity to play in a variety of paintings, among which was a Comedy ‘According to Spencer’ and ‘Roadside Assistance’.
Over time the role of Adam became significant in 2002, he played in a fairly popular Thriller Gore Verbinski The Ring.
In the 2003 short film Home Security the actor played the main role, and in the same year he played one of key characters sports film directed by Casey La Scala (Grind.
One of the best works Brody is considered and the TV series ‘the O. C. the Lonely hearts’ (The O. C.), in which he played one of the key characters – Seth Cohen .
In 2005, Adam starred with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, which, of course, was very helpful and even enhance his career.
2005 again brought another remarkable work – Brody played in the movie Jason in New York (Jason Reitman) ‘thank you for Smoking’ .
In the romance of John Kasdan In the Land of Women 2007 Brody played the main character, Carter Webb , a young romantic writer, surrounded by beautiful women. In this role, the handsome actor, who had a lot of screen time of the film, I took a good look of the woman, and Adam Brody, naturally excited the hearts of a huge number of fans.
In the same 2007, Adam played and Stephen Montgomery , the main character Comedy by David Wayne The Ten, and also appeared in another Comedy film ‘Sunshine’ (Smiley Face) directed by Gregg Araki.
Brody’s acting work in recent years – drama Boaz Yakin ‘Death in love’ 2008, Comedy Karina Kusama ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Megan Fox in the title role, and melodramatic Comedy 2010 The Romantics Director of Galt Niederhoffer .
In 2010, broly plays along with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan in crime Comedy ‘COP out’ , Kevin Smith. Today he played in the movies and on TV nearly four dozen roles.
Today his schedule, Adam Brody scheduled until 2013. In addition to acting, he has written several scripts and produced several films.
As for the personal life of the actor, it, of course, is of great interest to the press and many fans. It is known that Adam lives in Los Angeles . His name was associated with the name of the actress Rachel Bilson , however these relationships are in the past. Now the actor is associated with Dianne Argon.
It is known that Brody in addition to her acting career and is interested in music and together with actor Bret Harrison is a member of the band ‘Big Japan’. Adam loves and understands jazz and is a big fan of jazz musician Chet Baker.
Friends know Adam Brody as funny and sarcastic person, always ready to laugh, including at himself.

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