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At the motor show in Detroit in 2015 introduced the second generation of the Japanese supercar Acura NSX 2015-2016 events. of the year. Recall that the original pre-production prototype of the car was introduced in the same in Detroit, only in 2012. In 2013, the Japanese have a little finished the prototype and added to it a modern interior. In general, the production model trends in appearance is almost completely resembles the source.
Among the updates should be noted slightly retouched front along with rear bumpers, which appeared in the mesh air intakes honeycomb and new design alloy wheels. In addition, the side mirrors have acquired a new shape to the bonnet cover can be seen slotted duct, and on the side of the ventilation holes were extended form.
Salon cm. Photo 2015 Acura NSX II-nd generation, I got new seats and steering wheel sports type. Inflated center console has received graceful curve with wide pockets on the doors give the impression that you are in the cockpit. The dashboard is made in digital form, and in the decoration of the interior designers used modern high-quality mate-ly.
2015 Acura NSX II-generation suggest to us that supercar driven by a hybrid power plant, which consists of a gasoline engine Twin-Turbo V6 family of the DOHC, working together with a nine-transmission with a couple of clutches and three electric motors. By the way, two elektrodvizhka located on the front axle and driven by each wheel. The third motor placed between the petrol unit and a box of gears. His job is to help the CPT during gear changes, as well as the provision of basic engine more traction to the rear wheels under hard acceleration. Although the exact dynamic characteristics Acura NSH II in 2016 is not the company said, but it was reported that the total capacity of all the engines of the order of 550-horses. This, incidentally, puts a novelty in one step with such cars as the Porsche 911 Turbo (520l.s.), Ferrari 458 Italia (570l.s.) and Audi R8 V10 (525l.s.) – consent of decent!
In its overall dimensions Acura NSX II are as follows: length – 4470mm (at a value equal to the wheelbase 2630mm), width of a novelty – 1940mm and height 1215mm total supercar. The production model of the Japanese turned slightly larger in all directions with respect to the prototype. Basically, the car contains a space frame, with the creation of which only high-strength steel alloys, carbon (flooring) and aircraft-grade aluminum was used. Body panels for cars made of a special sheet of polyester (SMC) pressure material in combination with aluminum.
The car put on a different size wheels front 18-inch, rear 19 inches, which “have put” in low-profile rubber Model Conti Sport Contact. The brake system are powerful brakes front – six-piston, four-back. Microcomputer 2016 Acura NSH II involves four modes of driving: Sport, Sport +, Quiet and Track. By the way, the Quiet mode – the car is moving only by the electric motor, but only for a short distance.
Price Acura NSX II in 2016 and a complete set
According to the company receiving orders in the United States will start at the beginning of this summer. Price Acura NSX 2nd generation starts from 150 thousand. Dollars. The first lucky ones will get their supercar in the fall.
In conclusion, adding that the Acura NSX model in the first generation is manufactured, since the 90’s and until 2005. And where in the markets except for Hong Kong and North America, this model was known to motorists as the Honda NSX.

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