Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War HD

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

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Evaluate what has for eight years shows more than decent results, I want to with a special predilection. It seems that this simply can not be: the sixth game in the series and the sixth time in a row – the best in the genre niche on the PS2, the owner of a huge fanbase and heaps of amateur awards for graphics. But the most incredible thing that this simulator pretends to high marks in the “component of the story” and “atmosphere”. You can not love airplanes and clouds, but not like Ace Combat impossible.
After a cursory examination is possible to think that in the refreshed graphical user interface, it is not known which way to squeeze out of the technological capabilities of the platform must be hiding something complex and by definition perfect. And not the fact that we have in mind any new developments and major changes in the gameplay – just this is very bad, and the formula for success once the waste is in no hurry to give way to fashion changes. However, nothing fundamentally new player is not to expect. Moreover, for the time of passage is not there a single thought about the feasibility of this “new” – it is out of place here. All well and so.
The pilots on protection
Supercharged absolutely useless statistics interface regularly provides information to the writers invented, creating the illusion that the character is still in the cockpit and controls the complex machine. Small dots on the horizon gracefully float above our aircraft, sometimes spitting rockets and machine gun fire. And there, where the plot requires tragedy or any other emotional outburst, shells even reach the goal. For information on when we can expect the same importance to the storyline moments helpfully will notify by fellow pilots radios, sometimes causing a genuine affection by lining smooth links and cracking down on opponents very sophisticated methods. To paraphrase the slogan “the second film of the year”, it is possible without undue restraint verdict: this is not the simulator and interactive cinema.
We sit at the controls and watch the drama derived from the cockpit, and the passion with which perceives what is happening on the screen is not exposed to downturns and stably keeps the player on their toes, causing long-forgotten interest in a series of “what will happen next?”. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War – one of the few games that engross the player attention from the first minute and did not let go until the end. When the story still ends appears some confusion and a bunch of questions, doubts the genius or the total value of the game. But until the player gets the pleasure, comparable, perhaps, with the impressions of the fifth part, that, in turn, be compared only with the fourth, and so on up to the original.
First of all – no problems
Pick holes in Belkan War can be infinitely long, detailed series examining the history and paying special attention to the elements, seemingly the most conservative. I want to catch at least one sin honed to perfection villainous management, call for common sense and finally to demand explanations so simple and at the same time impressive physics, mysterious way to avoid direct conflict with the system as a whole. After all, here and only here mastered the intricacies of piloting for some half an hour, and mastered once and for all life. Such skills, as well as cycling or swimming, is very easy to refresh your memory after a long break.
Unusual Namco caution and courtesy literally flows from the next successor to the ideas of Ace Combat. Subject campaign, did not hesitate, avoids complex missions that previously could only be popular among competitive players. If you are looking for here challenge your abilities, then the absolute maximum, which is little hope is simply to increase the level of difficulty or refusal to use the analog sticks. So it would be more realistic if not, then certainly closer to the “adult” simulators.
Although the desire for realism here costs for a completely different reason. If the buyer is able to splurge on a circuit steeped in its own project success, why interrupt his interest? Throwing something that brings a lot of money, at least, stupid. It plays a role Factor fan attachment, obliging developers to create a minimum of differences and as gently as possible to mask beaten and hackneyed set the cornerstone ideas. Maybe someday this story with sequels stamping effect on the estimates and against tired players, but this, apparently, is still far. Most of the pretty, the minority had nothing to argue – quite the right approach, eliminating differences of opinion in the press, because to argue here, in general, nothing.

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