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No matter how simple and primitive seemed rock-n-roll this Australian team, but its uncompromising power and drive paved the brothers young companions the road from the tiny bars of the Green Continent to the giant rock festivals, collecting hundreds of thousands of spectators. The beginning of the story of AC/DC were sown in November 1973, when the fraternal guitar Duo of Malcolm and Angus Young in the process of formation of the group was joined by vocalist Dave Evans, bassist Larry van Krit and drummer Colin Burgess. Having played several concerts in this part, the newly formed team began to change bass players and drummers. However, the creative impulse of the ensemble is not affected, and in February 1974 was recorded the first single “Can I Sit Next To You Girl”. At first the group lacked visual recognition — jeans, t-shirts and long hair and today are the trappings of countless rock bands, but in the spring young Jr. for the first time played a concert in a school uniform. And in these legendary shorts, the jacket, the satchel and tie, which has become one of the main pieces of AC/DC (as well as the name of the group) millions of fans Australians can remember a kind word of another representative of the family of the Young Margaret, sister of Angus and Malcolm
With the onset of summer, the team signed my first contract with them was “Albert Productions” and rushed to the tour of Australia warm up Lou reed. And then the question arose about the fitness of Dave Evans, who you had to call a good frontman. A Holy place is never empty, and on the horizon there arose a Bon Scott, whose vocal, charisma and experience (Bon was a few years older than their colleagues in the new group) has done its job – Bon firmly took the place at the microphone. But the rhythm section for another year flashed new faces until, as part of AC/DC appeared Phil Rudd (drums) and mark Evans (bass). Do not delay it indefinitely, the band released their first two albums (High Voltage and T. N. T.), in record time became the platinum in the band’s home country, and were ready to attack other continents.
In 1976, AC/DC went to Europe. Settling in London, the group got a contract with Atlantic Records, under whose wing and released in may its international debut High Voltage, in fact, became a collection of things with the home releases. Three million copies sold has spurred the musicians, and during the short time the team broke two more LP, became a multi-platinum, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Let There Be Rock. Shortly before the first visit of the touring Australians in America in their newly changed man with a bass guitar in the summer of 1977 the band left a mark, imprudently quarreled with Angus, and he was replaced (as it turned out, very, very long time) comes the Englishman cliff Williams. The release of Powerage and the live album “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It,” the team has already received the true superstar status. In 1979, the band in collaboration with producer mutt lang released the album, the masterpiece and the importance of which is undeniable – Highway To Hell – and not only because it AC/DC for the first time broke into the “TOP 100 Billboard”.
In the group initially thought to dismiss AC/DC, but abraveses from the shock, decided to continue the activity. Bona successor was Brian Johnson, the former singer of Geordie English glameow. The reasons for choosing its candidate had a few – similar to bonowski vocals, quality first-class showman, and the late Scott in his lifetime had time to draw my colleagues ‘ attention to creativity Geordie. The album, which marked a new era in the history of the band, Back In Black was released in the summer of 1980. Recording again was headed by Matt lang, and sales records was a record (and remain so to this day) in the history of the team.
Two of the following BIB LP AC/DC For Those About The Rock and Flick Of The Switch, on the backdrop of a brilliant predecessor looked a little pale as in material, and circulation. As a result, out of turned out to be Rudd – the reasons was his to Malcolm a fight. Phil was replaced by twenty-year-old Simon Wright, resulting in the state of the group and not left people born in Australia. In 1985, out Fly On The Wall. Producer’s reins since the days of the Flick On The Switch were in the hands of Young brothers whose desire to simplify the sound of the band raised a number of critical arrows in his address. But further releases of staff – Who Made Who and Blow Up Your Video — again bring AC/DC’s financial well-being. 1990 was the year of the group, perhaps the most successful year since the early eighties – their new job, The Razor’s Edge, recorded with Chris Slade on drums and Bruce Farberman at the console producer has earned for the team as many as five platinum status and place in the top ten “Billboard”.
In 1991, AC/DC in the framework of the European tour play at the Grand festival Monsters of Rock, which grossed more than polumilliona audience. The company they were such titans as Pantera, Metallica and The Black Crowes. Studio the activities of the group during the first five years of the nineties missed entry of just one single Big Gun. But within the reappeared Phil Rudd – he made peace with the Young, and Chris with dignity returned to him the powers of a full-time drummer. In cooperation with Rick Rubin, the group released Ballbreaker. All anything, the album is notable, but it was followed by another five-year Studio hiatus. Only in 1997 it was violated by the release of Bonfire, a box set dedicated to Bon Scott and the years that he sang in AC/DC.
The new Millennium team opened their new album – Stiff Upper Lip — and followed almost the same live album – Stiff Upper Lip Live, which was sealed with a Munich performance of the group in the summer of 2001, but after that AC/DC went down for seven years (do not forget to sign long-term contract with Sony). Already there were rumors about the decline of the luminaries AC/DC, but in 2008, the group thundered his new creation Black Ice and showed that the powder in her locker will suffice for a long time.

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