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1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

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Dodge Challenger – the first pony car brand, offered as a cheaper alternative to the Charger. Challenger built on the platform of the very first pony car – the Plymouth Barracuda in 1970, the car immediately gained huge popularity, mostly due to the Hemi engine, the capacity of which to boast, 70 th year few could.
Exterior design the first generation was designed by Charles Cameron (Carl Cameron), who also designed the 1966 Dodge Charger. Although the Challenger was well received by the public (in 1970 it was sold 76935 machines), she was criticized by the press, but the pony car segment has declined. After 1970, sales plummeted, and in mid-1974 Challenger production ceased. About 165500 copies of the first generation Challenger was sold.
Model coupé was offered in four versions: Challenger Six , Challenger V8 , Challenger T/A (only in 1970) and Challenger R/T. version of the Challenger R/T with the convertible body was only available in 1970 and 1971.
Dodge Challenger 1970
Despite the fact that the Challenger is built on the platform of the Barracuda, its wheelbase increased by 2 inches, in order to increase the volume of the interior space. The model was produced in two bodies – “Hard Top Coupe” and “Convertible”, version R/T (Road/Track) when you purchase you can “portunity” by ordering a complete set “SE”, which included such delights as leather interior and vinyl roof. On the Challenger 1970 was mounted engines from 275 HP to 425-horsepower “Hemi”, which would have put extra bucks in 1228. Optionally you can order a 4-speed manual transmission with short-stroke swing arm instead of the machine that is installed by default on cars with all types of engines as well as lock the rear differential with a ratio thereof, from 3.23 to 4.10, power steering and front disc brakes. One interesting feature – the hood of the R/T had a nice intake, fake by the way…but for 97$, the manufacturer has pledged to fix it by installing the accompanying “performance”, neobhodimy to “Hemi”, “eat” cold oncoming air at speeds exceeding 100 km/h this system is called the American common people “Ram Air” gave a good increase of power.
In addition to the Dodge Challenger R/T buyer can purchase a version of T/A (Trans Am) is a civilian copy of a car made for racing “Sports Car Club of America’s Trans American Sedan Championship”, which was fiberglassed the hood with a black (regardless of the color of the car) air intake, aluminum intake manifold “Edelbrock”, direct-flow exhaust system with chrome tips, upgraded suspension, which eliminated body roll during cornering, wider tyres and vinyl decorative graphics on the body. The interior was completely identical to the R/T.
Only in 1970 was released 53.337 instances of the Challenger, of which 2.142 in version T/A, 12.747 – R/T Coupe, 1.070 – R/T Convertible and 3.679 machines versions RT/SE Coupe
Engine lineup:
225ci V6 – 145 HP
340ci V8 – 275 HP at 5000 rpm; 461 lb-ft at 3200 rpm
440ci V8 – 375 HP at 4600 rpm; 650 lb-ft at 3200 rpm
426ci Hemi V8 – 425 HP at 5000 rpm; 665 Nm at 4000 rpm
Chrysler RB V8 440 Magnum Six Pack – Volume: 7 187 cm3 – maximum power: 390 HP
V8 Magnum Six pack
Dynamic performance:
Dodge Challenger R/T: 0-100km/h – 6.2 sec. 1/4 mile – 14.5 sec./99.6 miles
Dodge Challenger T/A: 0-100 km/h – 5.9 sec. 1/4 mile – 13.7 sec./Mile 105.0
Dodge Challenger 1971
In 1971, dramatic changes either in appearance or in the technical part of the car did not happen. There’s a new grille, a colored decal on the “sides” and the front brakes have with ventilated disks. Incidentally, cars with a 426ci Hemi is now painted in orange color and was only in a body “Convertible
An interesting specimen was prepared for the “Indianapolis 500” Pace Car on the basis of the Challenger, which in General did not differ in characteristics from conventional machines, but is of high collection value, after all, released they were only 50 pieces! Thus Dodge company was hoping to increase the percentage of sales model Challenger
In just 1971, was issued 23.088 car
The range of engines fitted in 1971 is as follows:
225ci row “six” – 145 HP
340ci V8 – 275 HP at 5000 rpm, 461 lb-ft at 3200 rpm
426ci Hemi V8 – 425 HP at 5,000 rpm and 665 lb-ft at 4000 rpm
440ci V8 – 375 HP at 4600 rpm, 650 Nm at 3200 rpm
Dynamic performance remained identical to the 1970 model year
Dodge Challenger 1972
1972 did not bring anything good – the front end was modified again, critics noted that the Challenger was some kind of “sad” version of the R/T was discontinued, in its place a new “Rallye” with a 150-horsepower engine, as well Nestan engines 440ci and 426ci Hemi V8. The most powerful power unit for Challenger 1972 was 340ci V8 with 240 HP under the hood. Reduced engine power marked the beginning in the US energy crisis
In 1972 was released 18.535 cars, 8.123 of which version of the “Rallye”
Motors 1972 model year: 318ci V8 150 HP and 340ci V8 – 240 HP
Dynamic performance is also not convincing, for 340ci V8 is 8.5 seconds to 100 km/h and 16 h. the time of passing the 1/4 mile
Version of the “Rallye” discontinued.
Appeared new engine is a 360ci V8 with a capacity of 245 HP
For the year released 32.596 cars.
Dodge Challenger 1974
This is the last production year Dodge Challenger, standing on the line only 4 years, this model has managed to conquer the hearts of many fans “Detroit Steel Muscles”.

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