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1967 Toyota 2000GT

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The Toyota 2000GT is the First Japanese Gran Turismo
Fantastic sports car Toyota 2000GT was born in the late 1960s. was Then produced only 337 copies. I had the rare chance to hold the wheel of this legend.
In the 60 years of the Toyota Motors has concentrated all its efforts on the creation of the first in Japan original car class “Gran Turismo” — 2000GT. It was at that time like no double fastback with a typical layout of a body of “longnose/shortdeck” (long front and short feeds), clearly not designed for a daily walk. The Toyota 2000GT went down in history as the car with extraordinary exterior, while it was designed on the platform of a conventional sedan.
As well as streamlined body shape, filling the 2000GT, too, seemed a miracle of miracles. Due to the progressive structure of the rear frame rails with closed profile, the designers have achieved high body rigidity and the center of gravity has shifted down. Another unusual feature is the independent suspension on dual parallel A-arm front and rear axles. While conventional passenger cars rear axle was justcocaine.
According to the catalog, the car went the distance of 400 meters in 15.9 seconds and its maximum speed was 220 km/h.
The Toyota 2000GT was sold in Japan from March 1967 to August 1970. This car has become a beacon of light for the then Japanese car industry, a step backward from the West.
The Toyota 2000GT. The car was equipped with twin-shaft six-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection. The fuel intake was answered by three triple-carburetor — carb on each cylinder.
The national pride of Japan — Toyota 2000GT
Under the long bonnet 2000GT was a new development on the basis of the engine of Toyota Crown six-cylinder engine DOHC with direct fuel injection, working volume of 2 liters. In on 1960-e years it was a super-advanced technology: the motor could spin up to very high revs. The actual construction of the power plant was attended by YamahaMotor Corporation, has its own know-how in the field of high-power motors. (By the way, the cooperation between the two companies did not end, and they subsequently engaged in joint projects.)
The Toyota 2000GT. Panel mahogany — the handiwork of the craftsmen of Nippon Gakki, producing the musical instruments (now this company bears the name of Yamaha Corporation).
Its luxurious interior 2000GT also opposed itself to all other Japanese cars. Exquisite mahogany finish could in those years evoke only with English sports cars and top-class such as the Jaguar. Today in every detail felt the creative inspiration to create a car, even fanaticism — among the masters of that time have much to learn.
The Toyota 2000GT has become not only a powerful statement of universal scope and national pride of Japan, this vehicle initiated a further leap in the development of the entire Japanese automotive industry.
Technical characteristics of Toyota 2000GT
Total length: 175 mm 4
Full width: 1 600 mm.
Total height: 1 160 mm.
Wheel base: 2 330 mm.
Weight: 1 120 kg.
Drive: rear.
Engine: 2-liter inline 6-cylinder DOHCс 12 valves, maximum power of 150 HP at 6 600 rpm, maximum torque of 18 kg-m at 5 000 R/min.
Price in 1967: 2 380 000 yen.

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