13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Background

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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The military do not serve one year in other countries. Their families live in constant fear, because more often than strong men with high ranks are sent straight to the hot spots. To survive and do a good job, people need to have faith in themselves and their country, need to be ready to die for my country and such, believe me, a lot. Each soldier is honored to lay down his head in order to protect their loved ones and their country. This motion picture tells us a story that occurred in reality. Like other online Adventure 2016, this film does not disappoint his audience, but on the contrary, will make feel sympathy for the heroes and worry about them. And get a good impression of watching this film is very simple, because it is shot with high quality and beautiful.
Events taking place in 2012. Elite Squad of six people is in Libya, Benghazi. They await the hour when they would be able to express themselves. But to a certain point in the city was quiet, until one day terrorists decided to attack the United States Embassy. Militants have decided to “mark” the events of September 11 and made a real chaos in the streets. After they went to storm the US embassy, hoping to intimidate and destroy employees. But the American soldiers as they can protect the important object, but gradually their determination fades and thirty-six people are under siege in the embassy. Our elite squad in full spoiling for a fight, but it was an order from above to act only as a last resort, as long as such serious events were observed. But the men themselves can not accept the fact that while they are waiting in the wings, their companions die from the tyranny of the terrorists. As a result, six volunteers can not stand and decide to go to the aid of the embassy. They are ready to give a serious fight, knowing that most likely it will be their last. But for these men owe colleagues and homeland is above life, and therefore, in their hearts there is no fear of death.

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